Shocking Red

I met this stunning woman at a Jazz concert with my parents in San Diego. Her shocking red hair and long eyelashes reminded me of a mix between Ilona and Carol Burnett!

  • I follow your blog for a while. You are amazing woman. I love your energy, vision and colors =)

    see you soon…

  • Hi Ari, I came across your wonderful blog via another blogger and I'm so glad I did. I think this blog is so inspirational. I'm not at that advanced age yet, but after browsing through the various posts and admiring your beautiful ladies, I'm looking forward to years of dressing and looking well – whatever my age! I've also popped your book into my amazon basket! Such a breath of fresh air after seeing magazines and media full of under 21s! Have a great week! Sharon

  • ove the post. Some great pieces, especially the first photo.

  • I love this outfit so nice so amazing so simply and so elegant!!!Like it look on you

  • Love her eye lashes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I love her hair, and she definitely reminds me of Ilona and Carol Burnett (who was my childhood idol).

  • Wonderful! She does remind me a little of Carol Burnett, too.

  • This stunning woman reminds me a little bit of Edith Piaf. It might be just because of the eyebrows, though.

  • Delightful lady. She does remind one of Ilona and Carol Burnett!

  • She is so sweet:) i love her hair!