Summertime in Provincetown

I came across this stunning lady on my way to dinner with Ilona in Provincetown. Her look was perfect for a Summer evening on Cape Cod!

  • Fabulous!

  • YES! i love this style, reminds me of my stylish nana.

  • Isn't her outfit wonderful? I really love her headscarf and the lovely color combination.

  • So simple, but so amazing! I love your style.

  • The combo of the warm golden olive and the cold lavender blue is so amazing and very inspiring! She's got a cool style! 😉

  • I just know your blog, just wonderful, now have a new fan

  • Oooooh, I love how Ilona has wrapped her turban. Being an avid turban wearer myself, this is one of the ways I like to wear it, i.e wrap and twist and the front. Heart!

  • How wonderful to be able to actually "dress" out on the Cape…not like here in the Midwest where it's SCORCHING! Going outside is not very appealing let alone DOING so. This woman looks GORGEOUS…what an inspiration!

  • Rebecca

    Beautiful smile and such a lovely elegant outfit.

  • I like that this woman is so tasteful and discreet, yet very expressive. Beautiful colors.

  • She's absolutely gorgeous.

  • I really love her headscarf and the lovely color combination.

  • Love this look on you!

  • Love this look on you!

  • Anonymous

    Perfect – for any age!!

  • I really like these colors. The lavender-colored jacket, pants and scarf on her head matched perfectly. Beautiful and stylish in a relaxed manner.

  • What a wonderful woman. She glows.

  • WOW!She is so wonderful,isn't it?

  • Amazing look !!

  • Beautiful place! Amazing photos!

  • She's got it all working for her: head wrap, sunglasses, necklace, earrings, attitude! Terrific.
    Jean & Valerie
    The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

  • So beautiful….love the beachy colors!

  • wow love your sunglasses! and amazing post 🙂

  • oh wow, so wonderful!!!! I hope I am gonna be a stylish lady like her one day!



  • Wow! She looks stunning and I also like the head scuff

  • That's it. I'm going to start wearing headwraps – up to now, I only did when wearing period costume (circa 16-17 c. Europe.)

    To heck with fashion magazines – I'm following these ladies all the way.

  • these images are perfect

  • wow nice pose in this picture and dress also looking beautiful.
    Chanel Earrings

  • She is STUNNING! I love the headwrap.

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  • Jan Cabe Moore

    Love the looks !!!! You go girls !!!!