Yellow Vintage Chanel Suit

I am in Provincetown visiting Ilona for a few days and then off to Seattle for a much needed vacation. I can’t wait to share the pictures I took of Ilona at the beach! In the meanwhile, here are some shots of a wonderful lady that I met at Lucy Jarvis’ 95th Birthday last weekend.

  • I am drooling all over her gorgeous style and beautiful clothes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • The vintage Chanel suit is exquisite and looks totally modern with her big woven hat. Beautiful lady, beautiful styling.

  • Anonymous

    Wow — what a beautiful, classy, feminine look. These colours suit and flatter her so well, and the way everything is put together shows strong sense of personal style and identity.

    Someday I hope to be this advanced in both years and style.

  • beautiful!

  • stunning !

  • Rebecca

    What a beautiful outfit. I love the way the textures and colors compliment each other as well as the choice of perfect accessories.
    Well done!

  • So chic…I love the sunny colour.

  • Love the outfit! The suit and the hat look amazing.

  • Pretty! I hope I'm this fabulous in the future.

  • Evalyn

    She is stunning. Her use of accesories is wonderful; I am coveting that belt.

  • What a lovely, lovely looking lady!!!

    So happy, classic, tasteful, delightful.

    "One ought, ever day at least, to hear
    a little song, read a good poem, see a
    fine picture, and, if it were possible,
    to speak a few reasonable words."

    ~~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Love the lace blouse!

  • This lady is so beautiful – like sunshine in her wonderful outfit. Just goes to show you can't beat a high quality classic like Chanel, especially if you team it with such a radiant smile!

  • Absolutely superb; this beautiful lady has the delicacy of style I admire so much. And the colour! Oh so beautiful, such a treasure of a stylist. Great photos Ari! Have a wonderful and restful holiday; you will be able to recapture all the memories and make some new ones . . . PS Don't mind the naysayers; your pink jacket looks great on you!

  • What a great suit! And the colour suits her so well, too. Very elegant.

  • I love the photography, It's beautiful.

  • A lovely suit the beautiful blouse goes so well with it and the lady wearing it is looks so radient!

  • Haha ,love her smile!she looks so happy!

  • I just love the look! So glam and sophisticated! Love it much!

  • She's a that happy yellow 🙂 x

  • The suit is wonderful but that necklace! Brave soul to pair the two. Beautiful!

  • Sally

    The lady in yellow is so BEAUTIFUL. What a role model! Very French and the French understand that older is indeed sexy. Goes to show you that buying quality clothes and taking care of them will pay you back for years and years. I'm going to hold on to this picture, along with the many others from Adv. Style, and look at it for inspiration.

  • Lynne97060

    Perfection, Unknown Lady. I'm spending my day in jeans and sneakers helping out homeless folks but in my mind I am wearing Lemon Chanel…

  • Love. Typically I dont like things so matchy unless its black but she pulls it off without looking like a dowdy grandmother. Good on her.

  • Beautiful! Same goes for all of your other recent lovely ladies and their fashions!

    Happy Independence Day!

  • This blog is amazing! Very inspirational and very interesting!
    – Keyta x

  • Tessa

    So elegant! Easily my favorite advanced style outfit of all time. Love it.

  • What a lovely looking lady,she looks so happy!

  • these really looks awesome!!!!!and her smile is beautiful!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really love this site firsttimer got the 411 from the august edition of o mag

  • Lovely, makes you want to go buy a hat! 😉

  • She is sunny and happy inside and out!! Gorgeous…
    – Irina

  • Nice lady and she looks young!!

  • Love your sense of style…everythiing just looks fantabulous on you!! I love how happy you are and look in the picture.

  • Love your sense of style…everything just looks fantabulous on you!! I love how happy you are and look in the picture.