Aging Gracefully At 101 Years Old

Ruth is turning 101 next month and she is looking forward to celebrating with all of her friends and family. She is a wonderful example for us all to take care of ourselves and to age gracefully. I was just looking through the September issue of Vogue and couldn’t spot one photograph that revealed a line, wrinkle, or even pores on any of the model’s faces. There is definitely a photoshop epidemic going on. Everyone is so concerned with aging and looking younger, but wouldn’t you rather see Ruth advertising a beauty brand  than a photo-shopped 20 year old with no character or expression?

  • nat

    Yes, I really would – she looks fabulous! How amazing that she's 101! One of the best adverts for beauty products has been watching my Grandma age really well 😀

  • absolutely! epidemic is the perfect word for this. I'm not old (28) but I find it deeply offensive that young (16-18) year old models are used in anti-aging ads, editorials that CLEARLY are marketed towards older women, every line and wrinkle is PS'd under the guise of "its distracting". It is giving everyone a complex. Wrinkles aren't "distracting". We're creating these incredibly ridiculous standards that no one except genetically blessed 16 year olds (and those are few and far between) can reach. and why? is it really that bad to age? NO! It's a beautiful part of life… I don't see it as aspirational or inspirational to covet the faces of 16 year old models (who are photoshopped into oblivion too)… I see it as denying a lovely part of what makes us human… it can be just as inspirational (if not more so) to see an aging face, age gracefully…. (sorry for the rant) 😉

  • Seriously – she makes me wanna buy the lipstick she's wearing! She's beautiful! 🙂

  • OMG, yes! I would be so much more interested in buying the lipstick this woman is wearing than lipstick a 20-year-old is wearing.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I would rather see Ruth advertising because she gives us hope and a real desire to take care of ourselves. She is truly beautiful and I wish her a wonderful happy birthday next month!

  • OMG, yes! I would be so much more interested in buying the lipstick this woman is wearing than buying a lipstick modeled worn by a celebrity or a girl who isn't even old enough to drink legally.

  • Yes it is laughable on HSN and QVC almost evwry product is labled anti-aging. They even had age defying lipstick!! FEAR sells products more than SEX sells. They also think women are all so vain that they believe if they buy the product they will actually look like the young girls they use to model the product. Are we really that stupid ladies? Lets boycott and never purchase another ANTI AGING labled product again!! Ruth is so beautiful and the glow comes from the inside out!!!!!

  • A extremely beautiful and sensuous
    woman. Chic.

  • Yes definitely! She looks fabulous and is an inspiration to us all!

  • Absolutely agree. Ruth would be perfect. I have often said to the consultants at the beauty counters that cosmetic companies should feature older women who really benefit from their products — not perfect 13-year-olds. And, by the way, we have the money!

  • Ruth could be declared a National Treasure. She is so classy, and so poised, and so sure of herself, and so happy-in-her-own-skin as the French say, and always dresses in such a classy and appropriate way.

    I just love her!

    I'm sorry, but those ladies with orange hair and outrageous outfits, just don't seem "the best." Ruth, always seems THE BEST. What an inspiration. She is really, really lovely.

    Thank you Ruth, for being you.

    Please convey my thanks to her. You know her, and can do so. Unlike I…


  • Rebecca

    The photoshopping epidemic is crazy. I never even recognize the celebrities they photograph anymore. Ruth looks gorgeous and happy. How wonderful is that!

  • Anonymous

    I'm always looking forward to Ruth-posts:-). She is my favourite!!

  • Yes, Ruth looks fantastic.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH. I want to look like you when I grow up. (won't be long)

  • She's beautiful. The whole photoshop advertising phenomenon is gross misrepresentation and false advertising at it's worse. I personally do not buy the products or the magazines that promote the advertising.

  • any day since Ruth is a real advert for living life to the full….. Her's i a story that needs to be told esspeciaöy to the 'youth obsessed culture ……I wish her well .She is beautiful 🙂 Gives me hope

  • YES! I sure would! Ruth is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! And what an inspiration!!!!

  • Tee

    Yes, I agree! She is the most beautiful lady I've seen yet!!!!

  • She could certainly serve as an adventisement for that lipstick shade! 😀 I love how she accessorises it with the scarf.

  • 101? My goodness, she looks fabulous!

    I agree with the comment above- I've watched my mum and grandmas age beautifully and absolutely naturally. It's been a fantastic advert for taking care of your skin!


  • your blog is an inspiration to me. i'm a 52 brazilian woman, and think that ageing gracefully is a gift not a problem at all. thanks.

  • Wouldn't that be a delightful marketing tool? I can imagine a beautiful portrait of her (or anyone really) with a caption saying something like, "Revlon: Serving the community for 80 years. Age gracefully with us!"

  • She is beautiful.

  • She IS beauty: how could anyone wish to erase the history life writes on our faces??

  • I definitively would 🙂

  • Wonderful ♥
    Greetings Sabine

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely! These women *know* about life and living! Wish I could meet them! Thanks for showing us the better life 🙂

  • It would be lovely one day for people to not worry so much about ageing or little imperfections and to just embrace them.

  • Wow 101 years old is so awesome, i hope my mom gets to that year too… she looks healthy and beautiful. She is absolutely an inspiration and i bow to her…

    Btw i love your blog because it contains a lot of sense. being a woman you must still fix your self and be one of these beautiful grandma…

    I'm following your blog, i hope if you have a time please drop by on my blog..

    Thank you

  • Wow she doesn't look 101 at all, i can only imagine all of memories she must have from her life living through all of those era's!

  • Emilie

    Wow, what a beauty! I would love to hear what kind of beauty routine she has and if she has any secrets she'd like too share, she's glowing! i guess thats what a 101 years gives you! Such an insipration. And i would much more see her in a beauty ad, i'd love to look like that when i'm a 100 years old, if i ever get so luch!

  • Yes I would as Ruth is a true beauty. Such a lovely photo.

  • My gosh, she is so beautiful. I definitely think she should advertise the beauty products she used!

  • This is one of the loveliest ladies ever!

  • She is beautiful x

  • I completely agree about beauty advertisements using real women who age gracefully. Ruth is so elegant! I love her panache.

  • She is beautiful x

  • Just wow, she is fantastic and so beautiful. I would love to see her advertise a beauty brand for sure. She has lovely skin and those cheekbones…..wonder what her beauty secrets are. When you think about it it is ridiculous makeup brands using 20 and 30 somethgn models to advertise their products. It is those that have aged really well that could really shift some products off the shelves.

  • What a lovely and inspiring lady! Gives me hope for my years ahead!

  • Anonymous

    I love her outfit! Especially that scarf–gorgeous. I'm 27, and I would wear that any day of the week. Style, in its truest form, is timeless and and ageless.

  • dilpreet-india

    I, for one, really would. she is gorgeous..the kind of people about whom you can just tell that they are beautiful inside!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari. My name is Maria, I am 51 years old and I live in Uruguay. Love your blog and your models; they are an inspiration for style and for life.

    I have one suggestion; whether you accept or not, I hope you see in the spririt it is given – constructively. When describing someone, "She looks great" sounds infinitely nicer than "She looks great for a 73 year old." That's it! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Her inside beauty just radiates!

  • MJ

    I would love to see Ruth in a magazine. Not advertising anything – just her. She's beautiful.

  • I love the dignity she displays…so beautiful. The red scarf is stunning.


  • She is so beautiful! And I 100% agree with what you're saying. To me, a model like Ruth, whose inner beauty and happiness radiates, would make me want to buy the product way more. It's sad to see aging viewed the way it is; it is a beautiful and natural process.

  • Absolutely! What beauty and character in her face!! She just proves that there is Truth in Beauty…

  • She's absolutely lovely.

  • I agree, this beautiful lady is far more appealing than airbrushed /photo shopped images we see in magazines. She looks wonderful and I just love her scarf! Have a great weekend! Sharon

  • Beautiful, just beautiful! An inspiration to all women. 🙂

    higher age, higher style

  • Piękna dojrzała kobieta, pewna swej wartości i wdzięku !
    Brawo Ruth 🙂

  • extremely so nice pic. amazing

  • sandy

    She looks "real"…and "real" is good. Gives me something to look forward too…

  • Simply, classically, gorgeous.

  • she looks amazing! happy birthday to her 🙂

  • Yes absolutely! This is so much more appealing than any blank faced hungry looking model with a snarl!

  • She doesn't look 101 at all.She is beautiful.

  • Yes, I would find an ad for a cosmetics or beauty company with an old person (not just talking 50's here, as that is what ads consider "old") to be so refreshing, so honest that I'd be willing to try their product just to reward them for taking that risk.

  • omg!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found this blog courtesy of Refinery 29 and it is going to be my favorite! I'm 61 and have been searching for ANYTHING in fashion that reflects my demographic. I am home. Thank you so much.

  • Sally

    Ari, Your comments about the "perfect" pictures. What a terrible disservice to young women and girls! BUT you are doing something about it and for that: a great big thank you! Down with photoshop!

  • Happy Birthday Dear Ruth! You rock!

  • Anonymous

    she looks amazing!!!!! she's stunning. thanks for sharing.

  • ,,,ruth is beautiful! and "yes" to your question. i would prefer to see more "ruths" in fashion and beauty advertising, than these skinny minnies who if you sneezed would fall over. it's sad what our society has "deemed" to be beautiful. i have a great aunt that will be 104 yrs jan 2013 and she nearly has a wrinkle on her face! she's beautiful and este lauder, chanel and other beauty leaders should be phoning her on the tele and asking her for advice!,,,

  • A beautiful and inspiring woman – I hope to look this good and healthy at 101. 🙂

  • Janis

    Those photoshopped faces don't even look younger — they just look scary anymore. They look like robots. It's gone beyond chasing youth and has turned into chasing some unalive simulacrum of a human being.

  • Yes I would! To still look this Stylish and Vibrant past 100 is a wonderful example of a Life well lived and Aging with Grace!

    Dawn… The Bohemian

  • Happy Birthday Ruth. Love and smiles from many . . .