Bakelite and Boyscouts

Alice Carey loves mixing elements of  menswear with slight feminine
touches. Here she wears her husband’s childhood Scout’s shirt with
wonderful bakelite accessories. Check out the video below to hear more
about Alice’s penchant for menswear. You can also read more about Alice
in the latest issue of GLU magazine and don’t forget to purchase her novel HERE.

  • Anonymous

    I love the way she recycles clothes because I do the same thing. Also, love the teakettle and glass; I'm currently looking for a Moroccan style tea set but that tea kettle is just great!

  • Janis

    She is absolutely one of the most top-notch GORGEOUS women on this site. 🙂

  • the Scouts shirt WITH PATCHES in genius!

  • I love her menswear interview I believe I saw here some time ago. She's very stylish, confident and inspiring.

  • I love her look, but I love even more that her husband was a Boy Scout in San Gabriel, CA – (see the patch) and that she sports that lovely red hair. And she's COMFORTABLE. We could all take a lesson.

  • Really cool, I love how she explains what she wears and why, vs. the girls she was talking about. I think being original always goes along with being yourself. Very nice pictures, awesome post!

  • I had the pleasure of reading Alice's book last year. A great read and insight into NYC life, loss, gain and what happens when you know that it is time to move on…