Dress For Yourself

One of the  things that I most admire about the Advanced Style ladies  is how free and confidently they express themselves through style. Whether they are extremely elegant or prefer more eccentric fashions, they all dress for themselves, rather than trying to impress others. Over the past four years I have learned that this is the most important rule when it comes to personal style– dress for yourself!

  • WOOOOOOW, love it! Amazing!


  • Anonymous

    I love the idea of dressing for yourself. I have a closet full of beautiful, stylish, classic clothes and accessories left due to my mother's passing. I kept going shopping, becoming increasingly frustrated by the skin tight reveling choices that i find inappropriate for someone my age (nearing 50). Since i found this site, i turn to her closet more often for cheery colors and bold accessories to make my own statement. LOVE THIS BLOG.

  • Always a joy to see Debra on your blog. Love her hair color!

  • Incredibly cool, everyone needs to just dress how they feel. Though a basic knowledge in style does help.

  • Oh gosh, I hope I look like this when I'm older – proud and confident!

  • Love her confidence! And I love how colorful she is too. Well, all of the Advanced Style ladies are colourful, and it's so great to see!

    Et tu, tutu?

  • brilliant! i adore her hat… i bet she made it herself! a true on-of-a-kind original!

  • Debra is ALWAYS fabulous!!! The next time I come to NY, I'm buying one of her hats. Please feature her anytime.

    Love, Jean

  • Debra is MOST inspiring! xxoo

  • The photo and Debra are billiant! The hat, the colors, and the radiant style.

  • beautiful, it shows the attitude of life~~NFL Jerseys

  • Debra always looks terrific while also managing to look a little different each time. Her color palette is amazing – all the better to match her attitude. Thanks, Ari, for sharing.
    Jean & Valerie

  • Fashionmista

    Debra always looks amazing. The hair. The lippy. And OMG the totally fabulous accessories.xoxo

  • I love Debra's outfits. They are rich in unique shades of colors and wonderful shapes. She looks like an illustration of a storybook on style I'd love to read. Am I reading it?

    Her handmade jewelry and hats are one of a kind.

  • She looks wonderful! My grandma is so careful and shy with colors, but old ladies really look better in more color, and more fun!

  • It's always a treat to see Debra on your blog. She has an artist's eye and is fearless about mixing colours and she is always wearing the most fabulous accessories she's made herself.

  • I LOVE this.

  • Love This Blog

    Peace EveryTime


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