Never Give Up

I met this gorgeous and inspiring woman on my way to a shoot for a special project I am working on. I asked if I could take her photograph and explained what I do with Advanced Style.Her friend told me that Norma had been treated for lymphoma, and  that she looked wonderful and dressed up no matter what, even in the hospital. I asked Norma to share her story with everyone, so that we can all be inspired to never give up. Check out Norma’s inspirational words below:

My name is Norma Zaremby and I am 63 years old.  I worked in advertising
for many years, lost my job in 2003 and then went to work for Bergdorf
Goodman.Unfortunately in July 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage 4
non-Hodgkins lymphoma and the only way to try to save my life was a bone
marrow transplant, which I received in September 2010.  I was given the
bone marrow of a young male donor who I did not know, but who was
gracious enough to try and help me.  I haven’t had hair since 2009 and
there are many side effects to the transplant, but I have never let my
appearance change.  I never have a bad
hair day–I just wrap my head with different scarves. 
I taught myself
how and have quite a collection. My motto is “never let them see you
Maybe I can be an inspiration to other women who are battling
cancer and maybe we can help others.

  • What a gorgeous and truly inspiring woman!

  • i want that style!!!

  • Another example of how important it is never to give up – and I love these pretty scarves she has used along with the charming earrings. An inspiring woman and I think the motton 'Never let them see you sweat' is one which many people could live by.

  • I admire the way you hang in there with style Norma! You're already inspiring and helping many I'm sure. You look lovely and vibrant!

  • She is inspiring! 🙂 great post as always

  • wow, gorgeous post! she is 63? she looks amazing! amazing words and let me tell you: this lady has some skills, she knows how to handle a scarf! so fabulous to hear these words, she looks amazing and i admire her! hope these words will help some people

  • monica

    Thought you were a young40ish woman. Your attitude is So right. You are winning the battle.x x

  • Very cool lady. Thank you Norma.

  • beautiful smile!

  • Having a mother age 61 that is figthing bown marrow cancer and who has had a bone marrow transplantation and a lot of hard kemo this is just making my eyes blurry. I think Norma looks so stunning and I am sure she would rock any look, with or with out covering up her bold head, as she has a beautiful glow just like my mother. I wish Norma all the best in her figth against cancer and hope she keeps up that magic glow and sense of style – Heidi

  • Bravo Norma!

  • Beautiful lady, and beautiful lesson! Her eyes are especially gorgeous: there's so much life in them!


  • A brave and beautiful woman with great style!

  • You are beautiful Norma and have inspired me today with your words. Blessings of the world for you.

  • She is an inspiration not only to other women fighting cancer, but to all of us. I especially love the thought about not having a bad hair day!

  • Ari- All of your ladies are fashionable. This time I see the most important accessory of all…

    ….a twinkle in the eye!


  • Anonymous

    Bravo for her! What a wonderful inspiration for all of us! Maybe she could get together with "the countess of glamour" and swap hat and turban tips!

  • How lovely and how brave Norma is. She truly is an example of living life to its full, despite the present circumstances. Hats off to her (no pun intended)

    Cheers from England,
    Rosemary from

  • She is so adorable. Looks stunnig. 🙂

  • what strength. beautiful woman…

  • Bella!

  • She's radiant and very inspiring!

  • Anonymous

    You are really inspiring. I will forever remember how chic you are as I navigate through the health system. Thank you so much.

  • Daphne

    Fabulous and inspiring; best wishes to Norma!

  • It's hard sometimes to dress well it's true but it always makes me feel at least 25% better when I wear some red-lipstick or a bow on ponytail. She is SUCH a testament to that. Thanks for sharing her story!


  • Norma is gorgeous in her unique headwrap and polka dot scarf. I love the resilience and beauty of the motto, 'I never have a bad hair day.' Truly inspiring and unforgettable!

  • How do we love and support this wonderful woman…I also have a Friend in the hospital who in fighting the cancer fight had her leg amputated and she is in rehab…I hold all of you brave ladies in love and light…what an inspiration..

  • Nan

    Oh my what a gorgeous and inspiring woman she is.

  • God bless you for profiling this gorgeous woman. She is a doll.
    Love to you both.~~~~>:<

  • Oonagh

    Wow. Stunning and inspirational lady. Than you, Norma.

  • Lilibeth

    What an amazing lady, and what an inspiration…

  • Dea

    Thank you for sharing and all the best for you, Norma!

  • Lynne97060

    Best wishes from Oregon, Norma — love the bright lipstick!

  • This beautiful lady will be on my thoughts and prayers.

    Inspirational for sure!

  • Bravo Norma! You are a strong, inspirational woman! A real role model.


  • She looks amazingly gorgeous, and fashionable too. I love her scarf and lipstick!

    Et tu, tutu?

  • I love the story she told–and your photo of her (noticing her on the street) is PROOF that she is succeeding!

  • Ari: Norma reminds me so much of a long lost friend of mine – she had style and she the stuff that Norma is made of. Tell Norma her motto should be revised to "Never let them see you sweat, but always let them see you sweet!". Norma is sweet and fabulous! Your website is great, Ari, thank you for filling a grand void in the fashion arena!

  • Anonymous

    You have a beautful kind face Norma and no one would guess you have suffered so much. Thank you for sharing your have helped many by doing so..Carpe Diem!
    Janet x


    August 13th,2012 11:53AM….To my best friend, Norma, whom I have shared my life with since our children were babies. You are my inspiration every day for waking up.You know you will beat this because you have always beat to a different drummer. STYLE AND WISDOM WITH A CAPTIAL A. LOVE YOU, ELLEN

  • Wow so inspiring!!! great strength, beautiful smile