Summer Platforms

The secret to Mary’s personal style is great shoes, accessories, and attitude. For our lunch on Friday she wore matching blue  Nanette Lepore  and coordinated Sergio Rossi platforms. Everywhere we went people commented on Mary’s fantastic shoes. Doesn’t she look great at almost 73 years old ?!!!

  • Love Mary! She looks absolutely fabulous in her vibrant blue outfit and the Sergio Rossi platforms are perfect.

  • One of the best dressed from your blog. Brave, feminine, colorfull but still with class proper to her age

  • so pretty! I wrote about your blog on my new blog please check out it's a lovely and wonderfull blog you have. xx

  • Wow she looks amazing. Kudos to her walking in those shoes.

  • I LOVE THIS. Amazing outfit!

  • Mary is a beauty inside and out. I think she would make a sack look sexy. High heels are not my thing but Mary loks great in them (I hope they don't hurt her back!). I love the electric blue of the Nanette Lepore outfit. Cheers Mary you are delightful!

  • The proportions of this outfit are perfect! What a sassy friend you have!

  • love her style!! so inspiring 🙂

  • Of all the pictures you've posted of Mary, this is my favorite. Her outfit is beyond stunning and quintessentially her.

  • the shoes are fantastic.the lady is even more fantastic!

  • She just rocks those colours and of course, those shoes, which with the red painted nails, look stellar!
    for Lord Ashbury.

  • Love the shoes, excellent fashion statement!!! Good on her!!

  • OMG!! If she can do it, I can do it. No more excuses about uncomfortable shoes. What an awesome lady!

  • What an amazing outfit! I'm impressed by her wearing those heels, and that shade of electric blue is gorgeous (and really suits her along with the red nails and lips.) And great detail on that beautifully draped robe.

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  • adorable. I love her shoes.

  • Killa shoes…

    Gyal got STYLE!!!

    Peace EveryTime


  • She looks fabulous. I'm so impressed she can wear those shoes. My feet hurt just looking at them. Very stylish lady!!

  • She looks great — especially the shoes!

  • What a blue! And some more blue against the red nail polish. I love her pose. Her hair is very nice. She poses like a big shot fashion model or movie star. She also looks like one. That is awesome.

  • Hats off to this lovely lady and her wedges!!!

  • Mary looks drop dead gorgeous in every photo you've posted of her. Love her in the vibrant blue, and kudos to her for strutting in those fab mile-high wedges!

  • Mary seems to know she has a great look going on. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Your blog is truly amazing, I just found it and I love how all these clothes relate to what's in fashion now. I love this.

  • Mary looks wonderful! The younger generation could learn alot from her.

  • I love all the various shades of blue with little dashes of other colours ~ plus that jacket is beautiful.

  • ,,,she looks smashing! i love her smile,,,

  • she looks gorgeous and love her wedges. Ciao from Italy