The One and Only Iris Apfel

Yesterday I had the privilege of not only having lunch with an amazing 100 year old, but breakfast with the legendary Iris Apfel as well. Iris is as busy as ever working on her handbag line, a line of jewelry for HSN, and a collaboration with eye-bobs. At 90 years old Iris is proof that keeping active is the secret to aging gracefully.

  • Bravo!

  • QUEEN:)

  • When I grow old I also want bluish hair; it's awesome! 😉

  • Love that woman. I can't get enough of her. I own several pieces from her HSN line and I'm excited to hear about her eyeglasses. Hot Chicken what would I give for a pair of those sunglasses?!?!

  • Love those sun glasses. And love equally, that she has the *gumption,* to wear them. :-))))))

    Gentle hugs,

  • She is great!
    the fashion icon!

  • I LOVE IRIS! She is such an inspiration! I cannot wait for her new Jewelry on HSN! 🙂


  • i wish i could notice such women in Warsaw too.

  • I'd give my eye teeth to have breakfast with Iris! I am drooling over the coat she's wearing.

  • Que bella, me encanta la gente laboriosa. Saludos desde

  • Iconic! And those red beads…!
    Lord Ashbury.

  • a total inspiration!

  • Style and humor is a daring combination. If there's anyone who can pull it off it's The Apfel!

  • Awesome lady. An inspiration to the fashion shy!!

  • OMG those red beads -> WANT!

  • Not many women could carry off this outfit, but she does it with panache!

  • Anonymous

    Love her, this is how I want to look at 90!

  • Libby

    I adore her!! I first read about Iris Apfel around 15 years ago in a 1974 issue of architectural digest which belonged to my uncle. I was intrigued by her house and it was the first time I read about a collector. Since then I used to keep looking at all the red walls of her home and the things she had collected from time to time. It was much later around two years back that I saw her in your blog Ari!!!! I wish i could meet her. But I am in India and I don't know whether I will make it to the US of A.But a girl can dream cant' she? Thanks a million for your lovely blog.

  • Libby

    And I have one more reason to love her. She resembles my grandmother.

  • Lex

    I absolutely love her, she's so cute! Great style, I have to say.

  • Love the jewellery…I just have to find out where I can find this kind of things….l

  • The beads!! The glasses!! WANT! When does her HSN line come out??

  • An icon who never ceases to amaze or inspire…..

  • Oh my, those red beads are something!

  • ,,,she looks smashing!,,,

  • Wonderful woman – she always looks awesome. 😀

  • Old age stylish Lady…. 🙂

  • Amazing woman!

    Kisses, Elena

  • WOW!Wundervolle Models und danke für die Dokumentation!
    Ich habe mir erlaubt eines deiner Fotos in meinem Blog zu veröffentlichen und mit einem Link zu deinem Blog zu versehen. Mein Englisch ist leider sehr schlecht. Falls die Veröffentlichung nicht ok sein sollte, bitte ich um Nachricht.
    viele liebe Grüße Rubinengel