You Are Never Too Old To________

A few weeks ago my mom spotted this wonderful woman walking in La Jolla, California. Like the proud mother that she is, Frances told her all about me and asked if I could meet her on my next trip to California. This past weekend it was a great pleasure to finally meet Carol Olten and take her photograph. I loved her hip and playful look.  I am a firm believer that you are never too old to have fun and  to wear hologram glasses! What do you guys think? Finish the sentence below.

You are never too old to__________

  • celebrate being alive 🙂

  • Funny! Perfect combination, i like it!

  • To be the coolest person around)

  • You are never too old to be yourself

  • Yes yes yes! What an awesome woman! I think I just had a flash peek into my own future.

    And to finish your sentence:

    You are never too old to be… young at heart!

  • She is adorable… bravo… I am so enjoying your blog… I featured one of your posts on 'MY Daily Click' today… thank you for the inspiration… xv

  • Anonymous

    …to LOVE color. And use it. I hate the idea that one should stick to beige, gray, nayv or some other invisible color after 60. Bright colors rock!

  • You are never too old to be young!

  • wear lots of colors!

  • So wonderful to see another lady embracing the philosophy that you're never too old to have fun!

  • You're never to old to wear neon pink!

  • You are never too old to live life to the full… and I think this proves it. Love the glasses and leggings, all topped off nicely with the lipstick. 🙂

  • You are never too old to have style. 🙂

  • You are never to old to just be yourself.

    That's how I feel Ari. I love Carol's look. How fun. I applaud her. Thanks.

  • …live your life!
    P.s love the Big Bird yellow accessories…

  • Never too old to dress the way you want. 🙂
    I love her style! Reminds me of a dear friend, actually..

  • She made my day!

  • To have fun!! Turn heads!!

  • She's cool! 😉 I think you are never too old to remember, love and respect your inner child.

  • learn something new?

    love this post brought lots of laughter to the room!

    Maybe check out my new post?

    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Never too old to be hip.

  • Pamela

    Never too old to be hip.

  • …to wear red lipstick!

    How does she do that? Did you get her secret for keeping "out of the lines"?


  • You'er never too old to be OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!As Danny Kaye said, "Life is a big canvas, through all the color you can on it!"

  • … say die!

  • Lynne97060

    Couldn't think of a snappy comment, but on behalf of my beloved late old Labbie and my new, adopted yesterday, eleven-years-young Snoop — you are never too old to love pizza!

  • I love your blog.

    The sheer style, and joy of living of the people you feature is incredible. What an inspiration…

    It is certainly never too old to enjoy life….

  • …to wear yellow! 🙂

  • to be who you might have been. 😉

    I love her funky creative style. wow!

  • You're never too old to be awesome.

  • You are never too old to follow your dreams! She is wonderful and I am following my dreams of writing and I really love what you are doing Ari. Thank you!

  • You are never too old to sport a youthful spirit.

  • Celebration of life! She really made my day.

  • que buen blog!! ^^
    con estilo y a lo loco!

  • … To be a style trail blazer.

    those glasses are unreal!

    The Marilyn Adeventures

  • ……be who you are.


  • …wear funky leggings and hi-tops!

  • Anonymous

    Never too old to rock 'n' roll!!

  • Well, in this horrible humidity and fog hanging in there, you might see some great clothes out there in La Jolla. There's entertaining things in OB too.

  • Anonymous

    To live your dream

  • Fashionmista

    She looks amazing. What a super trendy ensemble. Adore the funky bag. Love the lipstick.

  • You are never too old to be damn cool!

  • celebration! soooo 80's!!!!!

  • You're never too old… be who you want to be and show off your personality. I have been liberated even MORE seeing her and I already thought I was a free spirit.

    I want to see more more more of her!!!

  • You are never to old for PINK PIGTAILS!

  • ……to look totally cool! Love the glasses and everything else this amazing lady is wearing

  • I love her glasses. Need to get them for my grandma. 😀

  • Anonymous

    You are never too old too defy convention.


    Alberta, Canada

  • Awesome outfit ~ I love to see ladies breaking the "rules" of style.

  • You are never too old … full stop!

    Dear friends love from Amsterdam!
    Special greetings to my spirit called Ilona!

  • Anonymous

    …… love yourself!
    Cathy G

  • Anonymous

    Wear bangs!

  • …to look busy when Jesus is coming.

  • No wonder, she looks very fashion, but how her face looks!!! I have to say she is very brave, I hope to see she is in Nike NFL Jerseys, it will show she is still very dynamic~ ^_^

  • I love this woman's sassy style! I also adore your blog.

  • Wonderful!! The only thing that should stop people from enjoying things they love..regardles age is death. She represents LIFE and I LOVE HER for that.

  • Anonymous

    Smoke too much pot. 😉

  • wow, trendy old lady

  • Kelly Greenleaf

    you are never too old to become who you were always meant to be! simply fabulous. 🙂