Advanced Style Documentary Stills

Lina has been working hard editing the footage for our film, which we hope to finish in the upcoming months. She sent me these wonderful stills from the documentary to share with everyone. For more updates on our progress follow us on Facebook and check out the links below!

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Advanced Style Documentary Page
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  • They are just fabulous! Love your blog

  • Love this blog it's so original and unique!! 🙂

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    Lois xxx

  • Sometimes I think I have "style", but when I see these women, I realize it's very illusive. Bravo to them!

  • I really want to see this film with my 16 year old twins daughters!

  • lovely stills ~ can't wait till the documentary is ready to watch.

  • Looking great im serious!

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  • Love this blog 🙂

  • Wow, these pictures are absolutely awesome! Love love love them. The colors are so fascinating!

    also, your blog is adorable!

  • Great blog, glad I found it here.

  • wow old model and 21th century style…
    sandhi sudha plus

  • just love all the ladies! epic.

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  • Cannot wait for the documentary. I wish they would talk about how they take care of themselves for a healthy lifestyle. It is fun to see costume dressing with the big hats and huge sunglasses and the NY monied vintage clothing but it does not fit my lifestyle in any way. So I am not as interested in what they wear but more in their personal stories.

  • Great photos! Eveyrone looks fantastic!

  • Can't wait for the film!!!!

  • Janis

    Oh, that jewel green that Lynn Dell is wearing is really nice. I'm not even a green fan, and that's NICE.

  • So excited for the documentary to come out!!

    Ari do these women all know each other…have you gotten them all together for a lunch, that would be mind boggling. So much fashion in one room!

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