Advanced Style:Hollywood Style Tips

Debra Rapoport, Lynn Dell, and Joyce Carpati and I just got back from our big Hollywood debut. The ladies were amazing sports, leaving New York and arriving back 48 hours later. Our interview should air sometime in October, but that’s all I can share about it for now!

  • Love the ladies, they look great!


  • can't wait to see the interview !!!

  • Wow, they look amazing and are such an inspiration. Can't wait to see the interview.

  • Super trendy nannies. Love them!

  • Ann

    What a great looking old ladies! Love them all.. 🙂

  • Joyce Carparti is absolutely georgeous and so elegant.

  • sandy

    This was the best video yet! why? because the less is more has been the standard of the day and these ladies show that there is no standard; just do what you do best. Love it.

  • What fun looks they have! Their designer accessories are perfect!

  • Truly divine and inspirational! These women represent the ultimate in self expression as art through their fashion sensibility!

  • Ana

    Today I met your blog, I couldn't stop watching it.
    I imagine myself been as stylish as these ladies in the future. Great work!

  • Each of them has a very different personal style, but they all look gorgeous. I would never call these women "old ladies"!

  • Anonymous

    yup…..they all have their own style…..and each is totally different……finding your own individuality….at any age…is wonderful to see…

  • Jeanette

    Amazing. My grandmother and godmother were such women. It has always been my goal if I am fortunate enough. To come close to that elegance in body and spirit.

  • Oh wow – looks like you took Hollywood by storm!

  • Evalyn

    When I see these pictures, each woman looking so individual and so serene, I think "don't be afraid". That's the message, "don't be afraid".

    Thank you, and the Advanced Style ladies, for this site. It's a big inspiration to me.

  • Sandiego

    This blog is an inspiration for the young but it really helps those of us approaching our advanced years. I love it and need it! Keep going.

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry, but why does advanced style have to garish and absurd? Why does everything have to be overwhelmingly bigger,flouncier or lurid to be stylish on an older woman? Does loss of youth include loss of taste? This is so depressing.