“Elegance Is Always in Style.” Joyce Carpati

Here are some shots of Joyce outside our hotel in Los Angeles.
  • She is always so, so, so lovely…


  • Ah, you were in Culver City!! Excellent choice. 🙂 Joyce looks truly elegant.

  • She is always lovely in your photos

  • Rebecca

    Joyce Carpati is such a stunning woman and I love her style advice to keep it simple and elegant.

  • She is STUNNING!!!!

  • Whenever I am at a loss, it's back to black and an arresting accent piece — a never-fail remedy for any occasion.

  • I love this blog. I have so much fun looking over the post and pictures. These ladies are like elegant birds. I adore them. It makes me smile to see them enjoying life and fashion.

  • Oh that is absolutely lovely, elegant and classy.

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Stunning , absolutely stunning.

  • I love this blog – it makes me less scared of the years to come. However, I wish you had more voluptuous, round, big women!

  • What a beautiful elegant Lady! Inspiring! Sharon

  • Definitive proof that a women does not need to be young and anorexic to be gorgeous and truly stylish.

  • She is so stunning and elegant; her confidence shines through!

    Art by Karena

  • That's a terrefic outfit for a Lady.:)

  • All the ladies are lovely, but I would have to say that Joyce Carpati is the one I would like to look like when I'm older. Her style is impeccable and elegant. She inspires me!

  • So beautiful, gorgeous and lovely. An elegant inspiration indeed! xo

  • I couldn't agree more… so Elegant she is and definitely a Class Act!

    Dawn… The Bohemian

  • Oh that is absolutely lovely, elegant and classy.

  • I love her signature look: braids and pearls!