Ilona is Back

I couldn’t be more thrilled by the fact that Ilona is back from her three month stay in Provincetown. It was so wonderful catching up and hearing about all of her adventures by the sea. 

  • I wish I would have been with you both and all that wonderful colour.
    Love and admiration to both of you ALWAYS!!!

  • ach, your blog gives me so much joy. to see all those happy people. 🙂

  • I love Ilona! She is my favorite energy woman !!

  • Rebecca

    Welcome back Ilona, we missed you! You are such a delight to see and read about on Advanced Style.

  • Good to see you again Illona. You get prettier and more wonderful every day. Welcome back.

  • She is a national treasure

  • ,,,oh, you can tell ilona has some great stories to tell. cheers to ilona's stories and bright smile,,,

  • ohhh, love the colors in her flower print tops!

  • nice blog !!!

  • ohhh nice !!!

  • A truly inspiring and enlightening woman; I love her!

    2012 Artist Series
    Art by Karena

  • She makes me look forward to advancing in age


  • Oh how I love this lady! Ilone is the best, I hope I'll be like her when I grow old and so beautiful!! We missed you, Ilona, I hope your trip was good 🙂
    Much much love from Paris
    Sarah xxxxx

  • these women are fabulous! I'm 48 and should start wearing colours but maybe I'm stuck in the 80s where black really was black. I would love to be styled by these women.