Lana Turner at Lincoln Center

I have heard about this wonderful woman, Lana Turner, for a long time now. It was a pleasure to finally run into her and see her fantastic style and sparkling personality in person. I can’t wait until we meet again.
  • Evalyn

    Lovely woman, great hat, and I need to own that jacket.

  • Julie

    Wow, she's fantastic! What style!

  • I would like to look fantastic 🙂 able to wear hats like this lady 🙂 This is absolutely great 🙂

  • She looks beautiful – the cut of the jacket with the polkadts is perfect and she looks very stylish. I can understand why you'd heard of her for a long time and it must be such a fantastic feeling to meet someone you've always wanted to.

  • I love polka dots and I love hats. One of the hat photos is now pinned on my Pinterest Hats Board. I'm truly enjoying your photos and your focus on the older generations. Well done, Ari Seth Cohen.

  • How marvelous is that swing jacket and the big bow on her hat. I hope we get to see more of her.

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  • Love your blog.
    So stylish!
    Now following you:)