More is Never Enough

Debra Rapoport is never one to shy away from over the top fashions. As an artist she always takes color, texture,mood, and composition into consideration while picking out an outfit.  I am in constant admiration of her fearlessness and creativity and hope to be as bold as my friend Debra.
  • i cant get enough of these great women!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Ari

    I am an avid follower of Advanced Style and the women portrayed on these pages have truly been so inspirational to me. I would, however, like to take you to task a bit for your use of the word "fearless" here, in conjunction with a tube top. One should never regard a woman as fearless for doing something that a young, slender woman, a woman who fits within our culture's definition of attractive, would not also be called fearless for doing. Debra Rapoport clearly dresses to please herself, as we all should. Coincidentally, she looks great in a tube top.


  • I'm in love with the hat.

  • Love the surprise on the hat. A pink flower/feather — just the icing on the cake. And the sparkly halter! Very cool.

  • I am speachless. she is so adorable.

  • Debra is fabulous as always. She looks amazing in this outfit, I love the apron/wrap and of course her hat!!! She knows her style and her body, and celebrates accordingly!!

  • She is amazing 🙂

  • Love that Debra's fabulous pink hair is visible through the top of her hat! Debra can pretty much wear anything and everything and make it look spectacular. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sequined tube top when she's wearing it!

  • Everything looked BEAUTIFUL. Amazing photo's thanks for sharing with us.

  • I love it!Debra is always amazing!:)

  • Stunning. My jaw just dropped!

  • Inspiring indeed. This pink hair and bare skin. Proud&Beautiful 3>

  • Scarlette Spider

    I am a founding generation Punker. It's not just an attitude, it's not just a philosophy, it's not just a type of music, it's not just a type of fashion, it's not a "phase" you grow out of, it's not a fad that's here today and gone tomorrow. It's a lifestyle and a life long commitment to be anti-status quo, anti-establishment, and to wake up the sleeping sheep to think for themselves, not to gobble up what they want us to believe and get to the truth of all things. I've been this way my whole life, decades before there was even a name for folks like me.

    When I leave my apartment, to run errands, do the shopping, or for some sort of fun activity; most people pretend they don't see me, and others actually stare in a rude way. Occasionally some brave soul will actually hurl a comment or insult at me. The most common of which is "why don't you dress your age?" My usual answer is "Punkers are timeless, and we are EVERY age!" That usually shuts them up lol.

    But there are days, although they are rare, that it gets me to thinking that perhaps I am not just being unique. That perhaps I am holding onto a youth I have long outgrown. And then a few hours or a couple days pass and I scold myself for the momentary doubt. But I was never able to completely convince myself of that…until now!

    I was browsing through Netflix when I came across the documentary "Advanced Style" and my heart sang with joy! These women are my soulmates, and I'm not a freak of nature. I'm just in the wrong city lol. Denver is no place for anyone to be unique, outspoken or against the status quo. Seeing the documentary, and reading through this blog has given me a renewed sense of myself, convinced me once and for all that I'm not holding onto my youth, but advancing into the second half of my life with exactly the right attitude, and the right sense of Punker style that is my own unique brand.

    I'm not quite the same age bracket as these spectacular ladies, turning 54 my last birthday. But they have pioneered the road ahead for me, and hope to be worthy of taking up the torch when it's time to pass it onto my generation.

    Thank you for being who you are, for putting yourselves out there in such a fabulous way. And thank you Ari for bringing these wonderful women to the attention of everyone, for they are worthy of our appreciation. And thank you most of all for showing me that I am in good company, not to lose my courage to be myself, to continue to show my creativity, attitude, and express my 'in your face Punker Style' for all the rest of my life.

    Scarlette Spider
    Punker Boss Lay-D of Denver