Near Central Park

This absolutely charming lady was sitting on a bench on the edge of Central Park when I asked if I could photograph her. I was struck by her wonderful curls, eye makeup, and bright red lipstick and nails. She reminded me of my grandmother and all of her friends–woman who didn’t leave the house without doing there hair and putting on their makeup. Even when my grandmother wasn’t dressed up, she had to have her hair done, put on a  little bit of lipstick and a spray of her favorite carnation perfume.

  • She looks amazing!

  • your grandmother was a great woman… i love her hair.

  • I hate to sound negative, but I would tone down the color of the brows just a bit, if I was her. Anyway – I think she looks absolutely fantastic! Sofisticated, confident and with a lovely and sweet smile and sparkle ind her eyes! She looks like a person I would really love to know! 😉

  • Yes Ari, a beautiful lady who also reminds me of my grandmother. At age 83 she went to the hospital to have a lump removed from her breast and would not let even my father (her son) come to her room afterward to see her until she had her lipstick on. Thank you for this post Ari.

  • What a beautiful woman.

  • Ari, your blog is super-advanced!! I also find some mature ladies and gentleman's style so inspiring but unlike you I sometime find it a bit intimidating to ask if I can take a picture for my blog…today this very stylish lady was stood right in front of me on the train, it felt a bit awkward to ask if I could take a pic so I had to make a sneaky sketch 😉

  • Perfect curls, eyebrows, lips and nails.
    Nice Bergdorf bag, too.

  • Before going out my mother would always have to 'put on her face'.

  • She looks great! Loving the pops of colour. 🙂


  • Beautiful outfit. Love the bright red lipstick and nails.

  • I admire this, that she takes the time to take care of herself. Styling her hair, the lipstick, a real lady!

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  • Love her hair and lips. (And she seems to have a certain self-assurance to pull them off!)

  • Really Cool Stuff

  • I respect a lot people who don't give up on their life because of age, they feel young from the inside and they spread happiness with their attitude, they don't let life break them… I hope, I will be just like this lady when I become her age

  • WOW!

  • What a cutie! She reminds me of Bette Davis. because of her hair, I think.

  • Jan

    She has beautiful eyes, and that outfit she has on is to die for!

  • OMG ! This is the Chanel girl!

  • ,,,she looks marvelous! her hair, her lips, those rosey cheeks, her nails and hosiery! "she" has great "advanced style"!,,,

  • she looks fantastic! her style is amazing. She definitely thought about every small detail when she put that outfit together.
    love, lavinka

  • Úžasná, skutečně obdivuju!