Rita at Fashion Week

 Rita Hammer and I headed to Lincoln Center yesterday, to see all the Fashion Week excitement. As I was taking her photograph a storm of photographers rushed over to do the same. It always so much fun to take the Advanced Style ladies to Fashion Week events and see all the positive reactions they recieve.

  • Love your clash of colours and patterns very much too.
    Adorable Rita!!!

  • Hi I've only been following your blog for the last couple of days, but I must say, I love it!

  • ,,,you both look smashing! and Rita poses like a pro,,,

  • Now, that's how you wear a scarf!

  • ah! both of you look so wonderful! so glad to hear of the positive reaction as well. such an inspiration for creatives everywhere. keep doing what you do, ari!

  • She look so pretty! 😀

    The Celebrity Look

  • Kiss for beautiful women, Cosmee

  • I love the way Rita puts together her outfits; she has an original and yet classic sense of style. She's also kinda quirky, perhaps her character shining through!

  • two sparklings looks!!!both wonderful.

  • I looove her look!

  • Love you Ari and all that you are doing for Advanced Style ladies (and gents on occasion).

    But should you not be the foil and choose clothing for yourself that is background or complementary to the lady vs foiling their moment with an ensemble that distracts from theirs?

    Curious what others may think….


  • I love her glasses!

  • This made my day today, just proving what a positive power visionary style carries! Viva Rita and Ari!

  • omg! why so adorable? mix and match, PERFECT!

  • Rita looks stunning. Such poise, style and confidence. A stunner.

  • This put big smile on my face too. This lady knows how to model.

  • Wow so great outfits…she is still looking so much stylish…well I must admire your efforts regarding reviving the fashion in the old feminines…thanks

  • Absolutely fantastic:-)

  • Anonymous

    Could you please show women of different sizes more often. Everyone would like to see more options for people like them-normal. Although I love and admire all of them, almost all your featured models are so terribly thin that their knees and elbows stick out and many have no breasts. Please show some styles with breasts. I'm not FAT, but I'm a size 8-10 with breasts!

  • Anonymous

    cute lady……love the glasses…..love what you bring to us Ari…..

  • Ari I totally saw you with her and didn't realize it was you. I found your blog a few days before. I shot Rita as well and she was just DARLING and such a pro! Thanks for bringing her out.

  • sandy

    I agree Debbie, Ari is cool now don't get me wrong, but he is upstaging the models with his clothes.

  • very pretty dress perfect color.

  • I love how she is using the shawl and the colors!

  • I love her sunnies!