After The Storm

So, it looks like the worst of Hurricane Sandy has finally left NYC. I want to thank everyone who has reached out with their love and concern during this challenging time. Today I had the chance to check up on my older friends in the city, and I’m glad to report that they are all safe and sound. I’m looking forward to resuming my usual posts as soon as things return to normal here. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who have been affected by this terrible event.

  • So glad to hear everyone is safe and well. This is a lovely, moody photo. It seems full of mixed emotions.

  • This photograph fills me with admiration in so many ways. Glad to hear you are all ok. X

  • So glad everyone is ok. Stay safe.

  • So glad to hear. Thank you for the update and for this incredible photo.

  • So glad to know all my lovely ones are ok, and you, my dearest friend.

  • Thank goodness all are fine!

  • It's a relief to hear this news!

  • Glad to hear that you came the storm unscathed. I was thinking about all my NY friends the last few days.

  • WOW!!! This picture speaks a thousand words!!!!! Thank you Ari!!!!

  • Anonymous

    A flash of beauty from disaster – Thank you!

  • Después de la tormenta siempre viene la calma. Que bonita oración haces. Salud para ti y para todos ellos. Saludos desde

  • Good to hear that you are all well Ari. Thank you to Illona for this stunning photo! Love and smiles.

  • b

    New Yorkers are the most resilient group I have ever seen in action. Be safe and warm.



  • Love this pic! Fills me with hope, beautiful intrepid lady! Thanks, Cynthia

  • Relieved to hear that you and all of your friends in the city are safe.

  • Wonderful news to hear all are safe and well, thoughts of love to all those in need from all countries struck by this disaster!
    Carla x

  • So glad to hear everyone is ok, thank you for a wonderful inspirational blog Ari.

  • Lola Gales

    From Barcelona all my best energy to return to normal life..Besos

  • Anonymous

    I am glad everyone is okay. While I don't know any of them personally, I was concerned about how they were managing. Hopefully things will soon be back to normal.