Always Look Your Best

Every time I run into this marvelous lady I am blown away by how wonderful she looks. She proves that there is no excuse to not always try and look your best. Next time I see her I hope to find out more about her style inspiration and life story.


  • What an inspiration! No excuses ….love it!

  • What an inspiration! No excuses ….love it!

  • CarolWL

    Such an inspiration.

  • She looks lovely! Her boots are precious and that designer handbag is perfect!

  • Beautiful, elegant, adventurous, stunning; this woman is a living treasure. I would love to see more about her. Everything about her is a delight to look at. Thank you Ari for your grace that is so endearing to others and that helps them to share just a little of themselves with us, their admirers.

  • She is awesome. And her hat… !

  • Anonymous

    lovely woman a kiss from Paris

  • Beautiful, pastels lady!

  • wonderful lady!

  • LOVE her colorful flowers – it makes you realize what's going on in her heart – quite a bright and sunny personality!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Love how this lady looks fashionable even in a wheel chair. Classy lady!

    thanks for sharing,

  • Wonderful. This has got to be hard for this gal. I cannot stand without some sort of aid and I always try to look my best. Makes everybody feel better.

  • Anonymous

    Hello there, Ari and all your lovely ladies! I noticed this week that your wonderful book is available for pre-order for the Nook… any chance it will also be available for Kindle? Please say yes!!

  • Evalyn

    This lady knows how to accesorize.

  • omg she is amazing <3

    X Jenny

  • Style is where effort is spent. Wonderful spirit for this lady. Thank you Ari for sharing her with us.

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  • Hello Ari,

    We truly appreciate your profiling of these lovely, stylish ladies in your blog….it has become our favourite site, and await with bated breath to see more of your amazing discoveries.

    It has inspired us to dedicate our latest blog post to the subject at hand…STYLE AT ANY AGE…

    and have included your blog in our fave links too.

    Thank you for being such a gem!

    Suzanne and Tony