Beatrix Ost in Harper’s Bazaar

The Advanced Style Ladies are taking the fashion world by storm. First it was Iris Apfel on the cover of Dazed and Confused. Now, Beatrix Ost is featured in an incredible spread in November’s Harper’s Bazaar, shot by Terry Richardson. I can’t wait to see who will be next…

  • Fabulous news, Ari. She is fantastic, but it is all thanks to you.

  • So fabulous to see these stylish ladies getting the attention they deserve!

  • This is so awesome. Not just for the gorgeous vivacious Advanced Style ladies, but for women in general. Love the new variety of ages in the fashion world. You really did start something.

  • I love her philosophy and style. I try to live like that every day.

  • Stunning! Fabulous women; must pic up the issue!

    2012 Artists Series

  • So elegant and beautiful.

  • This is amazing! Truly fab.

  • What a beauty, those cheekbones! Thank you for the video as well. I love the "SEE" the glass half full. Let the negative thought go by–wonderful philosophy.

    Focus on the beautiful! Ahh. What a great sound bite!

  • Gorgeous. Hope I look that good in 20 years.

  • Thank you for this lovely post! Not only do the photos look incredible, but I really needed to hear those positive words from Beatrix. Things seems less daunting now.

  • woooow, woooow, wooooow, estoy saltando en un pie, es sensacional su look. Saludos desde

  • They are amazing !!!!
    Have you seen my street style from Paris?
    See one here 🙂


  • These are such wonderful photos of Beatrix. She is most definitely one of my hair inspirations!

  • Fantastic fashion spread. I looove those trousers on Ms. Ost. She really WEARS them.

  • Ari, you deserve the credit for pursing and sticking to this project. You saw the beauty, talent, originality and fantastic spirit in women of a generation that had been neglected . And you made others see them too. So well done. If you measure success on how you have made other people happy — then you have done very well!
    And thanks awesome ladies, you are simply wonderful, and an inspiration for everyone. And a joy to behold!

  • Beatrix is a natural model. Dramatic, beautiful and vivacious.

  • Gorgeous lady with valuable wisdom to share. 🙂

  • awesome!

  • love this idea,they just need to come out with a magazine on advance styles.I would totally buy it! This lady has swag!

  • I so agree with you, beautiful Beatrix! Love her….
    Brava…and Bravo to you Ari!!!

  • Thank you for featuring Beatrix Ost – I am such an admirer of her wisdom and grace, which even amplify her beauty and style. Fantastic!

  • So beautiful fab. I love this lady ..These are such wonderful picture

  • A whole new spin on blue-haired old lady!