A List of Bloggers Aged 40+

Two of my favorite bloggers,  The Style Crone and Forest City Fashionista came into town for the wonderful Manhattan Vintage Show. Debra Rapoport and The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas joined us for a lovely lunch before we headed on to our vintage treasure hunt. It seems that most blogs are tailored towards a younger audience, but there are a lot of mature ladies and gentleman creating inspiring posts every week. Check out The Citizen Rosebud’s comprehensive list of bloggers over the age of 40 HERE and let me know your favorites!!!

On another note, I will be a guest on tomorrow’s segment of Jane Pauley’s AARP internet radio program Ask Jane. The link to show is www.aarp.org/jane and you can listen in there by selecting the button”Listen to AARP radio”–The show airs at 10 am ET. If you would like to call in and ask Jane or any of the other guests questions and be a part of the program dial 1-855-444-JANE (5263). I hope to hear from some of you tomorrow!

  • What a gorgeous, fabulous group! You all must have had an amazing time.

  • Beautiful women, says a blogger who shall soon turn 66. Liz

  • Jon

    Fantastic photo – love these ladies!

    Jon x

    PS I am a little confused by the "comprehensive list of 40+ blogs". I assume you mean "blogs about fashion for women aged 40+"? I'm over forty, and so are probably all the bloggers I follow – it just reads a little strangely…

  • I LOVE those ladies! What a grand testament to all age style are those women up there, and your images of them. Thank you for the blog mention, Ari- I hope many people discover the wonderful style these women have to offer! xo. -Bella Q the Citizen Rosebud

  • Lovely ladies! I'm proud to be among the age 40+ bloggers on Citizen Rosebud's list. Thanks so much letting more people know about us!

  • Thank you. This post is amazing!! They all are PRETTY

  • Great to see these lovely ladies (and gentleman) have such fun together! Happy hunting to all of them!

  • You all have a wicked sense of style! I love seeing bloggers of different ages, I only hope I can rock a leather dress just like you when I am in my advanced years!

  • That leopard belt is fabulous! And so is the designer messenger bag!

  • I'll never cease to be amazed by how stylish all your lovely ladies look, Ari – plus their attitude to life is so inspiring :))

    I too am a proud member of the Citizen Rosebud 40+ bloggers list!!

    Catherine x

  • I added myself to this list ages ago and forgot about it. Now I went bac and subscribed by email. Thanks for the reminder.

  • It was so great to see you again, and thanks for allowing me to join the other "Ari's Girls" for a photo, and promoting Bella's "40+ Blogger" list.
    I had the most fabulous three days in New York thanks to all of you.

  • Fabulous, all — and showing the young 'uns how to rock an amazing chapeau.

  • I love your blog and love this collection of ladies and it leads me to perhaps a strange question. I peruse many street fashion blogs and one thing (other than your fabulous subject matter and photographic skills) which is unique is that your subjects are never captured staring at a smart phone or any sort of device. Is this your staging or is it truly representative of your demographic. I hope it is the latter. Your subjects always looked engaged in life and their surroundings and not transfixed on a hand-held device.

  • I absolutely love this. This is vintage culture times a million!!!

    Home of $8 Earrings and $15 Necklace Sets ($10 this week only)!!


  • I adore you all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • I LOVE this photo. These ladies are just the coolest – not to mention gorgeous.
    I'm honored to be one of the 40+ bloggers on Citizen Rosebud's list! (Thank you, Bella, for adding me.)
    Your blog continues to inspire so many, Ari. Thank you.

  • What a gorgeous group indeed. And yes there are a lot of people over 40 blogging, me included. Thanks for the link to the list i will be checking it out.

  • Thank you for documenting an extraordinary day in the midst of amazing people. And I will be listening to you on Ask Jane. I wouldn't miss it!

  • How wonderful to see these amazing women all together – the video is a lovely powerhouse of style wisdom! And The Citizen Rosebud's fabulous list as well – thank you!

  • I have tears in my eyes that you mentioned Rosebud's fabulous LIST! Thank you for that.

  • Gorgeous women! and wonderful light-hearted humor.
    thanks for the video. If a picture tells a thousand words, a video is like a picture squared! lovely.

  • Fashionmista

    Fabulous ladies. Fabulous viseo.

  • Hi, Ari. Wasn't the food at Rocking Horse absolutely delicious? So was the company!!! We're so glad you joined all of us for lunch. The Metropolitan Vintage Show was the perfect dessert.
    Jean & Valerie

  • Have just read this and i think it's brilliant!! My list of blogs to check out just got a while lot bigger, so thank you 🙂

  • that's great, I'm bookmarking the list and checking it out thoroughly!

  • Ari, when I first stumbled onto your blog- because I was wondering if there were any street style blogs covering the older peeps (I had just shot a few stylish ladies on the sly for my now defunct street style experiments) I was beside myself. The quality of photos plus the amazing current style of the gents and ladies you photographed blew me away. I discovered some of my faves from your blog- The Style Crone being one of them…and so to see you mention my +40 Blog Roll feels like such a wonderful gift- thank you for sharing my blog roll with your readers. And THANK YOU for sparking this style revolution with your great eye, great photos and positive message! xoxoxo! -Bella Q the Citizen Rosebud

  • These ladies are absolutely fabulous! And I love the handbag on the far right!

  • A day to be remembered always! Lunch and the Manhattan Vintage Show continue to make me smile, as I savor the memories from afar. Thank you for all that you do.