Ruth Celebrates Her 101st Birthday

Ruth with her new friend Henry

One of our favorite centenarians, Ruth, just celebrated her 101st birthday. This past weekend I stopped by her apartment to wish her a very happy birthday and gave her a copy of Pilates Style magazine featuring photos of her stretching and lifting weights. Ruth believes that as long as you can move, you can do some form of exercise. She is a great inspiration to us all!
  • congratulations and happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Ruth. You are so inspiring and just utterly beautiful! Enjoy the day and continue with your pilates.

  • Anonymous

    I am totally in awe of Ruth, as well as all of the other women (and men), featured in this blog. Truly an inspiration!

    And please pass along my Happy Birthday wishes to Ruth!


  • Sandy

    Hey Ruth, If your pilates will get someone like Henry then I'm in….Pilates it shall be.

  • A beauty and inspiration! Thanks for the news. Happy Birthday you gorgeous babe!

  • I just love Ruth! So happy to Wish her a Belated Happy Birthday.

    Her children are right. She is a role model. All ways. She's still lovely and classy and active and interested, even at her age. What a roll model!!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  • Happy Birthday RUTH <3
    You are a beautiful und inspiring Lady. Kindest regards and best wishes for the next 101 years Mrs Rubens

  • Celebrate fiercely, Ruth!

  • Happy Birthday Ruth! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and may all your wishes come true!

  • Congratulations, Ruth! You are a really great inspiration to all women! 😉

  • Happy Birthday Ruth. You are such a beautiful, graceful lady and an inspiration the World over. Greetings from Australia.

  • Ruth is a wonderful inspiration, and I hope she had a very happy birthday.

  • Feliz cumpleaños para ella. Que dulce se ve. Abrazos desde

  • So special! I was lucky enough to have my great grandmother until 104. Nice to see someone cherish such wise women!

  • oh!! she's 100?? she looks young at her fashion and her clothes:)

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  • Happy birthday to the beautiful Ruth! May your wishes all come true! xo

  • Happy Birthday Ruth.

    Un très bon anniversaire Ruth de la part d'une admiratrice française. Amitiés de Fine.

  • Happy Birthday Ruth.
    You are beautiful!

  • nice… 🙂

  • Happy Birthday, Ruth! You truly are an inspiration…

  • Congratulations, beautiful and inspiring Ruth!!

  • Happy Birthday Ruth!! I am in awe of you and your accomplishments!

    My Mother is 82 and still does water aerobics and she has the best attitude in the world!

    Art by Karena

  • Happy Birthday Ruth! As we say here in Brazil, "muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida! (many years of happiness and many years of life!)

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday from germany, dear ruth! you look so beautiful and elegant, really amazing. I´m always looking forward to seeing new pics of you (and all the other great ladys in this really wonderful blog – thanks to you for that, ari).

    best wishes

  • Anonymous

    Ruth….hoping the coming year is the best ever! Happy Birthday !!!

  • Ruth, you are an inspiration and you make me feel young and excited about the future. Happy Birthday!

  • What a stunning, elegant lady…
    Inspirational, as always, Ari!

  • I'm late, but Happy Birthday!

  • Ruth is so right… if you're able to move, you're able to do some sort of exercise. Happy birthday, Ruth!

  • Oh God, she is amazing!!! Love her <3

  • Anonymous

    Is she seeing anyone?

  • Happy Birthday Mom. You are so inspiring and just utterly beautiful! Enjoy the day and continue with your pilates…