At The Airport

I saw this woman at the airport on my way from New York to San Diego. I stopped and asked if I could take her photo and she said, ” Yes dear, of course you can, I am in my 80s and everything I have on is from the 70s. I told her that I appreciated how elegantly she was dressed to travel and she quickly replied, ” There is no other way.”

  • Wonderful!!! When all I see at my airports are jeans, tees, and puffer jackets with athletic shoes this is such a treat to see someone who is a treat for the eyes and all my senses.

  • Nice hat!

  • This elegant lady is right, there is no other way to travel. The outfits you see in airports today! Seems most women wear the ugliest thing they have hanging in the basement. This woman nails it.

  • Ah, those were the days…when people dressed for travel. Love her look and style.

  • What a dame! Love her briefcase/satchel and Chanel purse! So elegant and classic.

  • She looks so elegant in this picture.

  • She has such a unique and fabulous look!

  • Sue

    just discovered your blog from a friend and it's fabulous….being a 62 year old women who still believes when you travel you should dress up, I have passed that habit onto my 37 year old daughter….she's a New Yorker and doesn't leave the house unless she looks ready to be photographed….We also both love to wear hats….something that has been passed down to her daughter who is 5….thank you for realizing people can still be stylish no matter how old they get!!

  • danke für die Information. Sehr schönes Blog-Vorlage!

  • danke für die Information. Sehr schönes Blog-Vorlage!

  • Fabuloussssssssssssssss!!!

  • Ro

    So cool… ♥ Love your blog and your photos, you are so especial

  • Oh I so agree with her..I try to always dress for travel…it just seems the right thing to do…isn't she heaven!!!

  • I am so impressed with this ladies… I hope when I will be their age to be so elegant and graceful like they are!

  • I love her hat!!

  • And I love the way her luggage is put togethr, especially and black travel case on the bottom.

  • Super lovely blog!


  • She's absolutely gorgeous and I would turn to admire her … but I do feel for her and the hassles she must have going through security.

  • So nice to see someone who still believes in dressing up when travelling. I always feel overdressed when surrounded by people in their jeans and sweats on a plane. That is a gorgeous hat!!

  • I would definitely want to sit next to her on a flight and find out all she knows!

  • Anonymous

    How inspiring! I am in my mid sixties, and today I had to ran to the drugstore to buy something I needed. Since it is so cold here in Calgry, I told to myself "I just trow the coat, and a hat on, and I'm ready to go".
    While the car warmed up, I came to peek at the site, saw that elegant lady, and I felt ashamed of myself. If that lady can make an effort to look good , so can I.

  • Anonymous

    This wonderful lady clearly has an eye for mixing colors and patterns. She looks so chic and elegant! I can't quite tell if that's a skirt or a dress…either way, I absolutely adore that print.

  • Thank you so much Linda! My degrees are General Studies and Medical Assisting.

  • WoW! Wonderful photo.=D

  • Hahaha-'there is no other way'!! Such devotion to style is very admirable. I also love the prints and colous on her skirt. I'd love to sit down next to her on a plane and get a real insight into her story- I'm sure she has some great tales to tell!

  • Nat

    She looks so elegant, and I love her luggage! This has inspired me to try to look nice when I next travel 🙂

  • I love this beautiful woman's attitude about dressing to travel and wearing a hat for the ride.

  • Wow, i love her elegant luggage! Thank you for sharing and capturing shots of these inspirational ladies,

  • I keep looking at her photo; she is so inspiring. I wonder what she has in her case? Is she an artist?

  • Fall in love with her style and she is looking so pretty in this.
    Amazing look !!