Beauty Secrets From Two Very Stylish 101 Year Old Ladies


People always ask me how the Advanced Style ladies stay so vital and looking gorgeous all the time. Rose and Ruth are two wonderful examples of how we can all  age gracefully, with great joy, and impeccable style. At 101-years-old they both know a thing or two about beauty and fashion. I asked these marvelous ladies to share some of their beauty secrets below:

On Staying Active
“Walking is a must, its better than doctors and medicine.” Rose

“You have to keep moving and exercising. I make myself go out everyday, even if its only for a block. The key to staying young is to keep on moving.” Ruth

On Skin Moisturizers
“Inexpensive moisturizers are as good as expensive ones, only better. I have been using Oil of Olay for decades. You must moisturize everyday.” Rose

“You’ve got to keep your skin moisturized. I wash my face morning and night. In the morning I use Olay moisturizing creme and at night Arden. That’s all I do. Remember to lubricate your skin, by working it in slow. Elizabeth Arden said, ” If you want to look this good when you are forty than start at twenty.” Start Now!!! Ruth

On Attitude
“Most important is to be happy and enjoy what you have at every moment.” Rose

 “Celebrate everyday and don’t look at the calendar.” Ruth

On Fashion
“Be unique. If everyone is wearing it, then its not for me.” Rose

“Dress up everyday and don’t wear blue jeans. Invest in quality pieces, they never go out of style.” Ruth

  • They're so inspiring.Thanks for sharing the advice of these beautiful ladies.:)
    Diana from

  • These ladies put a huge smile on my face this morning!!!

  • Two beautiful, great ladies and excellent advice!

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  • Conni

    Very interesting to hear about their secrets and tips. I would love more of that from all the gorgeous women you meet! 🙂

  • I like their style. I'm so proud of elders who don't loose their style or who even improved it! I noticed many times the elders who look much more beautiful then the youngers!
    Beautiful photos!

  • Sigh…the beauty of these women is astounding. Thanks for sharing there wisdom.

    I can't believe that I am looking at a picture of someone that is twice my age!

    You make me weep and smile.

  • Great advice from classy ladies – awesome post! XD

  • Wonderfully inspiring.
    -Eva Maria

  • Sol

    I want to be like them! Thanks!!

  • That going out everyday rule is the best. It makes you get "dolled" up for the public, which in the end, makes you feel better.

  • Love this advice and agree with and adhere to all of it…even the Olay!
    These beauties make me smile. xo

  • They forgot to mention the power of a heartfelt smile, and theirs are just gorgeous!

  • I hope I have that much elegance when I am their age. They are both stunning.

  • They are fabulous in every posible way!

  • These two spritely ladies are living proof that life gets better as we get older. Three cheers!
    Jean & Valerie

  • Rose and Ruth provide hope and inspiration for women of any age. Wise words from the experts!

  • Wow, just wow. These gorgeous women are so inspiring. I am going out for a walk!

  • These are really wonderful ladies and i fall in love with her style.Both Look Really Sweet.

  • Amazing, inspiring ladies! I would love to be as beautiful and stylish as they are at their age. Heck, I'd love to be alive at their age! I'm good with the exercising part and I've used Olay for years but I don't think I can give up my blue jeans!