Carmen De Lavallade

This  gorgeous 81-year-old woman caught my eye while walking through SoHo yesterday. She was very kind when I approached her and asked if I could take her photograph. I gave her my card and she told me that her name was Carmen.I instantly realized that she was legendary dancer and performer, Carmen De Lavallade. I was honored to have the chance to meet and photograph such an incredibly talented and accomplished artist.We exchanged information and I hope to meet up with her in the very near future!

  • I love her coat.

  • And God said, "I'll make Carmen De Lavallade," and he did, and then God said, "That's goooood!"

  • How fantastic is that???
    She is stunning, and you an angel

  • She is wonderful! Love her unique look.

  • Ro

    Ari Seth Cohen, you are so very special.

  • Anonymous

    OMG…I only recently rediscovered this blog and I'm SO excited to see one of my childhood inspirations up here. Even happier to find out through Wikipedia that she and Geoffrey Holder are still married after 57 years! Thank you so much for making this 40-something woman smile today. 🙂

  • She is stunning – definitely has a dancer's carriage and presence, and her style is quietly elegant.

  • I am so excited that you met Carmen DeLavallade! She is exquisite and truly a dance legend. She was one of Camille's mentors at Ailey's and I have admired her for years. Regal and magnificent photos!

  • Que traje mas espectacular. Gracias por compartir. Esta vez quiero invitarte a ver mi ultimo shooting Wet Girl, muévete a verlo. Besos y besos.

  • She proves that elegance and style are ageless!

  • This woman is so elegant. Absolutely stunning.

  • Evalyn

    If you skipped the video – go back and give up ten minutes of your life. You won't regret it even if you don't agree with the sentiment. Remember, she's 81.

  • Hi Ari, I love your site and have addicted many of my friends to it. There is a stunning beauty in a woman's aging process. Carmen is not only beautiful but has the presence of a goddess in human form.
    I only have one point to bring up. All these women you photograph are obviously wealthy and their outfits and ability to create their personal art is not thwarted by more limited means. Fifth Avenue, Madison, Soho…. I'm hoping you can expand to include the woman who has aged into someone remarkable without the benefit of such expensive trappings.

  • Beautiful and serene woman!

  • the hat, the coat, the boots … so much awesomeness here.

  • Wow! Such an awesome and legendary subject.

  • How wonderful she looks. Timeless. How clever you are to meet all these brilliant women Ari. I would love to read more about her and see her wardrobe (on her). She carries herself with regal poise.

  • I have been following your blog for several months. I don't follow many blogs but yours fascinates me. . .Love your take on lovely older folks. . I'm 62 and am inspired to love the age I am by loving the folks you showcase! Bless you for your focus on beauty!

  • Tee

    oh Yes, Carmen de Lavellade is the BUSINESS! she and her husband are such a lovely couple and who can forget his commercial for 7 up (the un-cola Nut – hahahah!) She and I share a birthday (march 6). lovely photo you've capture of her.

  • She looks amazing. And those BOOTS! Oh my goodness, those boots.

  • And she is wearing Fluevogs! *love*

  • I just came across your blog. Wow, I am so impressed. I have just turned 60 and have always felt I was stylist and not fashionable to today's trends. I can not afford it, but I can dress to impress. I love my style. It is a Modern day Victorian style. Must stick to the basic of modesty and grace..
    I would love to show you my style. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  • Anonymous

    Could you tell us more about the wonderful wool coat she is wearing?

  • Stunning!

  • Her coat looks a lot like an Issey Miyake design that Vogue Patterns produced, it's out of print now but it still turns up on Ebay fairly often. This link has a photo, it's the coat in the bottom right hand corner.

  • My favourite feature of this look are the Frenxch heels on her shoes… exquisite from head to toe (heel)!