Iris Apfel and Mickey Mouse

Things are slowly picking up in New York City and there is a promise that power will be restored by tomorrow(Fingers Crossed). I haven’t been able to hit the streets much lately, but I am looking forward to posting some new street style shots and stories very soon. In the meantime I thought everyone would enjoy this photo of Iris and Mickey Mouse taken at her apartment in New York. Iris has always wanted a big stuffed Mickey Mouse and her husband finally bought one for her on her 90th birthday.

 Thank you to everyone for your continued concerns. I am happy to report that I have spoken and heard from many of the Advanced Style Ladies, including Iris, and they are all safe and have plenty of supplies.

Inside Iris Apfel’s Apartment

  • That's fantastic! I'm so glad that the city of New York is working so quickly to restore the lives of their citizens. can't wait to see some new street style postings.

  • So glad to hear.
    Much love ALWAYS, my dearest friend.

  • That photo is so cute!!

  • The photo of Iris and Mickey is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! So cute!

  • CarolWL

    So glad everyone is all right. BTW, I love it when you show the apartment interiors of all the lovely ladies. I think they're as interesting as their fashions.

  • I LOVE Iris! What a beauty – inside & out!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Me encanta, ella es maravillosa.
    <3 Un saludo 🙂

  • K

    Glad to hear everyone's safe! Good luck getting power back. :o)

  • love love this photo so much <3


  • Nice i am glad to old women looking so nice so young girls wear to visit Aire Bra

  • Nat

    I'm really glad that you and all the ladies are doing ok, thinking of you all! (Also, love the giant mouse :D)

  • Hope NYC is back to normal soon and that everyone is safe and well. Iris is so cool, that's the best 90th birthday present, ever!

  • I love it!! I love it all!!!
    this blog is perfect and this post is MARVELOUS

  • Love picture with Mickey, so lovely
    kisses, love & peace

  • Eine Affinität zu den Ohren besteht und ich mag vollgestopfte Wohnungen. Gruss von Lilu-Cosmee

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear you and the women you photograph are doing well. NYC seems to be coming back very quickly. BTW enjoyed your book.


  • Libby

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. here's wishing Iris many many more birthdays!I adore her!

  • that picture was totally stunning 🙂

  • how old the woman is she!
    how lovely the dog is it !

  • I'm pretty sure the doctor did no more than deliver you; it's almost always the mother herself who actually gives birth.