Ninety One and Having Fun

My mom and I both noticed this stunning 91-year-old woman as soon as she walked into my presentation this weekend, so  I was thrilled when she came up to talk to me afterwards. Marjorie told me that she  just moved to Southern California with her husband of 70 years!!! I asked if if I could take her photograph and she kindly agreed. As soon as we got outside she threw her arms in the air like a pro. I just love her joyful expression.

  • Her style is fab, I love that energy I can feel through the pic.

  • Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  • This picture is full of sunshine!

  • What an inspiration. Thanks

  • It's beautiful.

  • Ninety-one, wow! She is FABULOUS!

  • Gorgeous!

  • She is just shining, wow! I love the bright colors and the smile on her face is just beautiful. I wish everyone would be as happy as she is!

  • Good for her!! How amazing to still have a love of adventure and travel at that age. I hope I'll be like her!
    I suppose getting out of bed today would help…

  • I am constantly inspired by the women you blog about. They are such an inspiration to all of us younger women. What a blessing to look young and healthy at such an age….Sharon

  • I think it would be so interesting to find out how she takes care of herself. Does she watch her diet, does she exercise, what does she do to be active and obviously JOY Filled!!

  • I want her shoes!

  • Just great, she looks so full of energy! love the yellow colour.

    LOVE BO,

  • Joyful and elegant! Whatever she's doing, she's clearly doing it right.

  • 91?? Seriously?? Wow, she is truly inspiring.

  • Such a great lady; she is glowing!

    2012 Artists Series

  • She does indeed, and those really are fantastic photos. I particularly like the first one. Brilliant!

  • Love this look, I could def. see myself wearing every single piece. I don't care about this stupid rule not to wear white after Labor Day, I think you made this look really fall apropriate adding all this camel. It's a great outfit for work. At least for my work place – it's perfect.

  • Libby

    She is very chic and lucky too!!

  • Nat

    You meet the most amazing people! and to be married for 70 years is beautiful, wow 🙂

  • Beautiful!

  • Wow, gorgeous and vibrant – who could ask for more at any age!

  • I love your blog, and I love this lady ! She is fabulous !

  • This is what classy looks like.