” I Felt Young Again “

Photos by Danny Roche

I hope everyone had a great holiday so far. I just got a wonderful email from Danny Roche after he gave his grandmother the Advanced Style book  for Christmas. Read the story below to see how she reacted.

This christmas I gave my grandmother “Advanced Style”  Two hours
later she comes back all dressed up in a big fur hat, pearls, diamonds a
fur coat and a red scarf/turban. I took pictures of this rare occasion.
I had a talk with her and asked her why she doesn’t dress up anymore
and this is what she had to say:

“ I grew up in the shadow of manhattan in a town called Jersey City.
Looking across the hudson I often said to myself as a child one day I’m
gonna go over there to enjoy the beautiful sites to see. The most
popular past time growing up as a child in the depression was the going
to the movies. I was always fascinated by all these beautiful actresses
in these gorgeous clothes which made me become fashion conscious as I
aged. I believe it influenced me in wanting to become a hairdresser to
make people look glamorous  When I became older (late 40’s) I stopped
dressing up because I moved into the suburbs of New Jersey where
it wasn’t as fashionable. When I put on the old clothes again the other
day I felt young again! I really miss dressing up.”  -Adeline Roche

  • Lovely photographs! Such a classy outfit.


  • This is so sweet it made me cry!! So glad she feels young again! Our bodies age but our spirit is the same!!

    She looks beautiful too!!

    Danny you did good!! Ari so glad you posted these photos. I bet she'll be even more thrilled!!

    Hugs Giggles

  • fABULOUS pics and story.
    Have a wonderful holyday and hopefully we will meet in the new year 2013.

  • She should dress like this every day! She looks fabulous in these pictures!

  • I am fascinated by all these older women. They are all so elegant and have such interesting stories. She looks beautiful, especially in her fur.

  • What a lovely bittersweet story.

  • wow…. so moving…. this post made me tear up and those photos are really gorgeous! she is so gorgeous and dramatic and glamorous – i adore the red turban and the fur hat as well. thank you for sharing… i can't wait to see the book in person. happy new year! xoxo

  • lovely pictures!

    designer eyewear frames

  • wow… this post made me tear up. these photos are so beautiful and she is so beautiful as well… love the red turban and the fur hat too… so dramatic & ultra-glamorous!! i can't wait to see the advanced style book in person… happy new year and thank you so much for what you do… sooo inspiring! xoxo

  • she is magnificent!

  • Oh, what lovely photographs. And I do hope madame Roche is inspired now to dress up more often; she looks fabulous – the red turban! – and seeing her has made my morning!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Ari. Thank you Danny Roche. Thank you Adeline Roche. Beautiful…beautiful.

  • Rebecca

    She is so glamourous – how was she able to hide this wonderful flair for fashion for so long. I hope she continues to delight herself and others by dressing up often.

  • Jan

    This is for Danny's grandmother:
    Yes. Dressing up is more an urban thing. When I moved to a rural area in Oregon I loved thrift store shopping and had some lovely dresses and things. But not too useful for feeding chickens or pulling weeds.
    After living in jeans and sweaters for many years my woman friends and I decided that at least one day a week we'd put on a dress and get together for wine. This has been a tradition for about 6 years now, and has expanded to include Significant Others. Not that we all dress up every friday any more, but at least some of us, some of the time. I agree it makes me feel young and hopeful.

  • Travel to the beat of your own drummer, Ms. Roche and let the rest of the world follow you! Start a fashion trend in the Jersey suburb where you live and give the other older women the opportunity to feel young again as well. You look fabulous!

  • Travel to the beat of your own drummer, Ms. Roche and let the rest of the world follow you! Start a fashion trend in the Jersey suburb where you live and give the other older women the opportunity to feel young again as well. You look fabulous!

  • wonderful story, charming photos. And the peacock – pin? ornament? clip? – great effect.

  • WOW!!! I love this story and the photos. She looks beautiful!!!

  • Wonderful
    I love your Blog…

  • Ooooh, I want their hats!

  • Love her eyes when she's smiling: look like a little girl having fun!
    So cute…

  • I love her eyes when she's smiling: look like a little girl having fun!
    so cute!

  • Hola! Me encanta lo que propone! Besos

  • wonderfull!

  • Mate, my words won't be exceptional: thank you for your blog. You've just inspired me to think about creating a jewellery for mature women this time, and jewellery that would not highlight their age by its austerity. Your inspirational!

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful woman! Thank you too for making such a positive impact on all the beautiful women you feature. Happy holiday! pm, minneapolis

  • L

    Such wonderful fox furs! My Chihuahua is jealous!

    Every grandson should be so loving; at least a couple times a year, escort grandma to the fanciest place you csn afford. An elderly woman going out alone dressed to the nines is like pinning a "Rob Me!" sign on one's back. But being escorted by a handsome young man to a lovely place where one can sip a glass of wine in elegant peace is special…

  • A beautiful holiday story. Another example of how your creation inspires!

  • carol……

    what a sweetheart …….so nice of her to share……thanks

  • What a wonderful Christmas gift- first from Danny to his grandmother, second from his grandmother to us. Thank you so much for sharing- she is a beauty and a joy to behold.

  • Peg Grady has said it all! Keep on expressing your individual style!

  • Oh, how much we appreciate this. Just classy lovely.

  • S

    She is beautiful! I put on makeup and did my hair today and felt so much better. I am 52 but had been feeling down due to things going on and fixing up just a little made me feel better…good for her! Good for him:) She looks fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    omg, i love how playful she became! how beautiful to see!

    and i love, love, love her clothes, and her fabulous accessories! such great taste! that peacock is incredible!!!

    i hope she keeps on doing this – she is such a ray of sunshine!


  • Wonderful! Perhaps she is not comfortable dressing like this every day; however I would encourage her to at every opportunity!

    Wishing you all the best in 2013!

    Art by Karena

  • Fox fur is sooo amazing. Great Christmas gift indeed.

  • She looks beautiful! Every time I read this site I am inspired to continue wearing red lipstick every day and a hat whenever I can.

  • You can tell by her expression and the sparkle in her eyes that she is enjoying dressing up, and she should continue to do so, for herself. Thanks to Danny for the lovely photos and for sharing this beautiful story!

  • Anonymous

    She looks lovely and you have inspired me to hawl out my jewelry lately. Thank you!

  • What a Lady!
    Look at her eyes!:)
    She will be a Lady every day from now on.
    Hopefully she will be in the next book!

  • Anonymous

    What a gorgeous lady and a lovely tale!

  • So, Ari, maybe Advanced Style should come with a warning label: "Warning to Readers of Any Age: This book may inspire you to recharge the batteries on your own personal Style Meter, to spiff up your look, and take yourself out for a spin on the highway of life!" LOL
    Jean & Valerie

  • Anonymous

    She makes me smile. I love the sparkle in her eyes as she poses all dressed up and looking beautiful.I hope she continues to get dressed up to make herself feel special. I love the suggestion that her grandson take her out on the town for an occasion to do so. Truly lovely. Thanks to all who made this post possible.

  • Anonymous

    Raise the bar for the masses! Dress for yourself & you will always feel happy! Happiness is actually what made you feel youthful again.

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  • She looks marvelous!