Joyce and Debra

Everyday I have the great privilege to meet and interact with the most incredible people. It’s been so wonderful to watch  the “Advanced Style Ladies’ become friends, and witness how they support and encourage each other’s creativity.

Although Joyce and Debra have very different approaches to style, they have very similar approaches to lifestyle. I asked Joyce and Debra to share a few words on why they appreciate each other’s style.

Joyce on Debra:
I appreciate her excitement with color. The different pieces she makes, they are so very her, you don’t see them anywhere. She is unique in her style. It’s fun and entertaining and everybody loves it. I love it.

Debra on Joyce:
I appreciate her elegance and her clarity about who she is. Joyce is a very dynamic, yet tender person. She is so sharp and smart in both her personality and style decisions. 

  • They both look great! My favorite is the monochrome look though. I tend to dress in muted colors as well.

  • What lovely sentiments, Ari. They are both very unique and very beautiful ladies with a great sense of who they are. Thanks for posting this.

  • Anonymous

    They have beautiful skin! Would love to know their secrets.

  • Very special to have met through Advanced Style and love, support and appreciate each other's individual difference. Brava to Debra and Joyce. And to Ari for making friendships happen!

  • Interesting!!! It's beautiful 🙂

  • If i chanced upon these ladies on a city street, I'd stop to admire them and hope to be invited into the conversation.

  • Sue

    I love the size of some the of the necklaces these women wear…..oversized beads….brooches….rings…they are so fabulous!!

  • Very stylish. Quite lovely.

  • Omg, the women on the left is gorgeous! She has the most beautiful skin. So nice these women have become friendsl

  • These ladies in new fashion dress looks young and very beautiful, I love these dresses to buy, Thanks

  • Both women do make very different personal style choices, but they are stellar examples of how to age with grace, wit, and personality!

  • gorgeous post!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  • Awesome…
    beautiful togetherness

  • They both just look funny and full of live and optimistic people. Well done!

  • Rebecca

    Both Joyce and Debra are amazing women and I love how their differences are celebrated and respected.

  • I think the woman on the left is stunning! I hope when I am that age my lips will look that glamorous in red.


  • Two. Two. Two fabulous ladies in one post! I appreciate both ladies' styles and approach to silhouetting, color, shape and texture. I appreciate that they appreciate each other and I particularly appreciate that both women can dress wonderfully and warmly without the wearing of animal fur. Thank you, lovely ladies!

  • Love what you are doing with the blog. It's amazing to see the elderly with such impeccable style. Bravo!

  • really excellent!
    very great!

  • Wow so fabulous. What a lovely style and exceptional look…….