Black and White

This weekend, Lina and I met up with the always stunning Tziporah Salamon to film some beauty shots for the Advanced Style Documentary. Tziporah will be performing her one-woman show at the Dahesh Museum of Art on February 10th. For more information on her performance CLICK HERE.

  • I so want to know all the details of this gorgeous and eclectic ensemble…how does she do it? I would love to see her show…thanks for the link! eliza

  • Fabulous, gorgeous!!

  • Stylish and cozy? What's not to love?


  • Lina's gloves are the cats pajamas…


  • So adorable and lovely fashion <33

  • Wonderful and cleaner lay out blog, and wonderful Tziporah Salamon.
    Fingers crossed I will meet you all in autumn, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • This should look overdone but it looks perfect on this stylish, stylish (yes, I meant a double dose of stylish) woman. I grew up with a stylish mother and love finding treasures in vintage stores. This blog is my morning style coffee – got to have it.

  • Pierrot Lunaire ou Colombine ?

  • Breathtaking! Every piece is gorgeous, but the hat is after my heart.

  • looking fabulous! Amazing photos!

    kisses <3
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  • Gorgeous!

  • Those gloves are amazing! She certainly knows how to wear black and white 🙂

  • Amazing blog! So great to see other side of fashion like this 🙂 keep on the good work!!
    Jelena from StilModaLepota fashion portal in Serbia

  • She is a visual feast for the eyes!

  • Anonymous

    o tziporah,
    i love your curly cue hat wth the curl on top.
    you look stunning & the photos are great!

  • Tziporah reminds me of Pierrot, a little…


  • Every piece of this outfit is stunning on its own, and you would think it would be just too much together, but Tziporah pulls it off with such aplomb. This is definitely one of my favourite looks of hers (and there are many).

  • I really like your blog it’s excellent

    Fashion designer

  • Wow, the hat, gloves and scarf are works of art. Stunning!!

  • Can we find out more about the hat and gloves? Both are wonderful. Did she make them?

  • I absolutely love this! the older style inspires me so much, most of my uni work is based around older womens style! My group did a documentry on Fanny Karst and her new sports collection.

    Beki x

  • I like this gloves

  • Thank you, everyone, for your kind words.
    The gloves are two different pairs, both vintage, found at different flea markets, probably from the 30's. The hat is actually two hats. The bottom is a velvet scull cap I had made by my seamstress and the top is black and white velvet vintage probably from the 30's . The shawl is Victorian.

  • Anonymous

    The casquette, the gloves in particular and you as always perfect.


  • What a STUNNING combination. I LOVE the hat. It almost looks like some sort of confectionery.

  • This is like a glamorous take on the Pierrot. How theatrical and striking.