I met Maureen last year during my exhibition in Geneva. She happened to be shopping for a hat in the neighborhood near the gallery and noticed me crossing the street. Maureen and I looked at one another as if we knew each other and suddenly she announced my name.  I didn’t know anyone in Switzerland so I was surprised that she knew who I was. It turns out that she had been following the blog for some time and read I would be coming to Geneva. It was a great coincidence that we met on the street like we did and I was happy to make a new friend. Maureen is in New York for a few months visiting her family. It was great to catch up  with her over lunch and a trip to Off Broadway Boutique.

  • Tee

    All of the women you post about are amazing!

  • Hi,
    Would you do a post about hair? I am interested to learn what all these women think and do about their hair. I see red hair, blonde hair, lots of hats, and some gray hair. Thanks.

    Love your blog and I always recommend it to women of all ages!

  • Wonderful lady and wonderful story. I love her proud body language and expression.

  • sounds like you have a charmed life! i suspect maureen does as well.


  • Isn't this fantastic when through our blogs we come to meet fascinating people? So lovely to read about your day together, and she is fabulous! xoxo Melissa

  • Wow, colorfully beautiful. Absolutely lovely.

  • That's wonderful that Maureen knew you were coming there and actually spotted you. Another charming, stylist lady.

  • She is full of style and sass! I love all the gorgeous colours.

  • How wonderful the world is!

  • Heather

    How serendipitous! I just discovered your wonderful blog through Lisa Condgon's blog! LOVE IT! I am 47 and starting to feel like "can I still wear funky and fun clothes" the older I get, and this site is a GREAT inspiration to me – thank you! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Love her mix of colors!
    cathy g

  • Lynne97060

    Thanks Ari, I needed that pop of raspberry this morning!

  • absolutely amazing

    wish you the best
    hope you like my purposes 🙂


  • What a unique style she has ! I love your blog and the stories behind each picture. Greetings from Italy !

    Fashion and Cookies

  • Very cool that you two met up again. You are famous and loved!

  • Love the colour and textures, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • This gorgeous gal makes colorful style look so easy, like she's just thrown on a this and a that, no fuss, no bother (and she rocks a turban).

  • What a boho beauty. And you're a celeb now Ari! You should expect to be accosted on the street by well-dressed lovelies 😉