Not Your Average Grandmother

I met Lois Kinley at a book signing a few weeks ago. Her granddaughter Ashley told her about my blog and book and knew that she would be a perfect candidate for Advanced Style. I finally got the  chance to photograph  Lois outside of her  home in East New York, Brooklyn. Lois has an incredible eye for color and texture. She has always loved fashion and now that she is a retired postal worker she has more time and freedom to express her personal style. Look out for some more great shots of Lois Kinley coming soon!

  • I love her printed sweater. It fits her style completely!

  • Lois is amazing!

  • Oh, she is marvellous!

  • Oh Wow! She has got the coolest style – love the bold colours and her kick ass boots!

  • She looks so beautiful!

  • The BOOTS. The HAIR. The TALENT! What a lady 🙂

  • Tee

    Love, Love, Love It!!!!!

  • She looks phenomenal! That shade of blue fits her perfectly.

  • I want those boots! Wow! she looks like fun.

  • Sandy

    Gosh you both are lovely. I really like Grandma's style. Rock it!

  • sev

    she's really great, I love the colours!!

  • she's so gorgeous, love the amazing colours!

  • Gorgeous!! Yes! More, please!!!

  • SERIOUSLY cute outfits. They look like mother/daughter – not grandmother/granddaughter.

  • i so, so, so love all these wonderful women; and am so thankful that you are doing this blog.

    these women are so inspirational that i am coming out of my little shell – and am making myself some stylish in the way i want to be clothes.

    new york women are just so …………. i am 67 and live in vancouver, where i moved to from india 45 years ago when i was 22.

  • Anonymous

    Those boots and glasses! What a treat this lady is!

  • Stunning, original style. What a beautiful woman and such lovely hair! Please post Lois' etsy address I couldn't catch it. Thanks Ari!

  • Like most other people have said, I love this woman's sense of unique style, and it suits her so perfectly! Love people who are bold enough to dress individually!

  • She looks fabuloso! and so does her grand-daughter;) kudos!!! Her sense of fashion is very refreshing.

  • Those are some amazing boots! I love them! I would love to know where she got them. She looks wonderful.

  • Lovely photos! Turquoise looks great on Lois!!

  • Lovely photos! Turquoise looks great on Lois!!

  • She is very fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Brant, the Etsy name is Sweet Octavia Accessories, but she just has some leather goods there, no outfits, alas.

  • Love this blog…

  • Anonymous

    Goddmammit woman, you are an inspiration!

  • Mildred Borresen