That’s Hatitude

I love how this wonderful hat transforms an otherwise casual look into an artful statement.
  • A little bit ethnic and so flattering ; perfectly in keeping with this lady's beautiful face. She has clearly found her very personal style !

  • I like her style and, especially, I like her ring.

  • Anonymous

    Love it all
    Cathy G

  • Very few women could wear that hat with such ease as she does. Fabulous!

  • Stunning in every way!

  • I can't stop looking at her lovely face. It is so beautiful. Love her bracelet and ring. What an amazing hat.

  • Anonymous
  • Lynne97060

    I like her nubby textures — the weave of the hat and the sweater, the leather and suede accents, the au natural complexion. To me it says, "This is a strong woman!"

  • There is something classy no matter what in her….
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  • The lady and her hat are gorgeous!

  • Very beautiful lady with great unique style! We love your blog.

  • Wow looking beautiful!! I really like all women fashion dresses code.

  • A beautiful and personal look, we love it!

    xoxo, M&M

  • Wow, what a neat hat. And those EYES? Beautiful.

  • Awesome Hat! Great standpoint for latest fashion clothes..

  • Dig that hat – so organic and unusual with the tweediness and funky ring and wrist band. Eyes speak peace:)