Beverly, Forest Trace

I have spent the past three days presenting my work at Forest Trace senior living community in Lauderhill, Florida. This was my first visit to a retirement community, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived. After spending a few days with the residents, I discovered that it was an inspiring and vibrant community of active and vital seniors. Beverly, one of Forest Trace’s best dressed residents, was born in New York and has been living in the community for over two years. I asked her what her style inspiration was, and she replied, “I love fashion. I have always loved fashion. You get up in the morning and you look in the mirror and you can’t ignore what you see. Why not make the best out of what you’ve got and try to always look your best?”

  • I love her energy!

  • What a great mantra/attitude. Your blog make me feel like getting older's gonna be ace.

  • LOVE HER~!!! No dark glasses to hide her eyes so she looks WONDERFUL!!! I love to see the eyes (the windows of the soul) that express the light and the energy from within that tells her story beautifully!!!!

  • Amen to taht.

  • Anonymous

    Che fascino!Sara

  • i love sunglasses =))

  • Love that animal print on her. So lovely.

  • Vibrant, glowing and ever so eye-catching.

  • I love Beverly's glasses – very funky! She has a great philosophy about dressing up too.

  • What wonderful photos. The ladies are all stunning and so full of life. I hope to be so when I get to that age!