I met Elsie during my trip to Florida last week. She just moved to Forest Trace from Canada two months ago. She is absolutely gorgeous both inside and out.

By the way if you happen to be in Stockholm this week, Joyce and I will signing books.
Location: NK Bookstore in Stockholm.
Date: Tuesday, February 12.
Time: 17.00

  • Elsie looks like she is having a wonderful time poising. How cute!

  • Anonymous

    Please come for a signing in Bergen, Norway!

  • very, very elegant lady!

  • I wish I could be in Stockholm to get a signed copy of the book! Low and behold, I have to stay in the Bronx, lol. I am so enjoying this blog. I model my own creations and have often wondered, "will I be able to do this as I get older? I ran into your site and now I say YES!!!. Beauty and style are ageless. Thanks for sharing!

  • Elsie is lovely… her smile and pose delightful… xv

  • Elsie is lovely… her smile and pose delightful… xv

  • I love all the styles you showcase, especially bolder and more daring ones, but Elsie is definitely more my speed. I imagine myself dressing more like her when I'm her age. She's just darling.

  • Lynne97060

    Have a great time in Stockholm, Ari. My chihuahua says this is the absolutely wrong time of year to be visiting Stockholm and he absolutely will not go, not even if the book is made of pepperoni pizza!

  • Greats, its beautiful !!

  • elsie is so elegant, nothing she wore is too much on her.


  • This is what classic 'gorgeousness' is all about:)