Gunilla Revisited

 I promised that I would share some more shots of Gunilla, so here we go…

  • Anonymous


  • Noooooo !!!! She's fantastic !!!!
    EIDESIGN GLAMOUR facebook fun page

  • I love her! I am Swedish and I have said for years that what I want to look like in my advanced age! I am turning 30 soon and have already started working on the hats

  • A hat and muff 'to live for!'

  • She is really remarkable. As I think another person commented on the first post, she just jumps off the screen at you. What presence!

  • I can't believe I am just discovering your blog!!! I love Gunilla's style!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe she is 83…striking…just beautiful!
    Cathy G

  • Wow looking so cool….i love this post

  • What a glorious woman

  • Can't get enough of Ms G's style and she's so photogenic too!

  • Rebecca

    She simply radiates vibrancy and excitement. Gunilla is definitely a role model for advanced style. I would love to hear more about her.

  • I love your blog and all the beautiful ladies.