Ingmari Lamy

I am finally in Seattle to celebrate a friend’s wedding, after a few weeks of whirlwind travel. It’s hard to explain how incredibly insightful and moving each of my trips has been. I am constantly meeting so many inspiring people, hearing their life stories, and it’s difficult to process everything that is happening at the moment. On Tuesday I am off to London for a few days, and then back to New York for a few weeks, where I hope to write more in depth about these incredible experiences.

I met Ingmari Lamy in Stockholm and asked  her to share a few words
about her experience as model  working in her 60s below.

When I came into modeling at the age of 19 and shortly after that did my first cover for Harpers Bazaar, I
was a young woman loving nature and the world of fashion was art to me.
Using make-up was great during the photo-shoot itself, the playfulness
and the transforming possibilities. I loved it! Even so, I
always took my make up off after work and was ” a natural”. That`s the
way it was for me. Being in the world of fashion today, still modeling
at the age of 65, I have kept these habits of staying natural. For my skin I use organic olive oil, that`s the way I like it. I want to inspire women, young and old, to know their true inner beauty and strength. I want them to know that their beauty is always there every moment. Always
present. And then we can play with make-up and clothes! I love the way your women are colorful and expressing a true personality. Maybe when I get older I will be wearing make-up as well.

  • A stately snow queen with the loveliest features, bone structure and hair color offset by such peaceful eyes – and it's all completely natural – wow!

  • Oh wow! Ingmari is even more beautiful now than she was in the 60s. Sound like you're super busy, let me know if you have time for a cuppa when you're in London x

  • I love Ingmari Lamy's natural look; especially how she chooses not to go under the knife.

  • WOW, she´s beautiful!

  • Even more beautiful today!

  • Anonymous

    inner and outer beauty….and a twinkle in her eyes!

  • As an illustrator, I see the top photo as a lovely inspiration for the Snedronningen, or the White Witch for Narnia!

  • Ingmar is so very beautiful! Thank you for posting. I would love to see current pictures of her modeling.

  • Ingmari is so very beautiful. I would love to see some of her current modeling photographs. Thank you for posting and Ingmari thank you for being posted!

  • Ingmari is so very beautiful. I would love to see current pictures of her modeling. Thank you for posting!

  • Ingmari is so very beautiful! I would love to see current pictures of her modeling. Thanks for posting.

  • She was beautiful, but now, Ingmari Lamy looks like a princess in the snow, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Beyond words beauty.

  • At 60 she has grown into a beautiful woman. I agree 100% with her 'natural beauty' philosophy and I love her long hair and her cjoice of silver in her style.

  • absolutely speechless

  • beautiful pictures, its really nice and great to view, i am going to share it with my friends… appreciated..

  • formidable !

  • I love all those stories told by older people. I'm here for the first time but I'm gonna read some previous texts 🙂

  • Nice post , i love it

  • Anonymous

    I am interested in how some of these ladies choose their look. Do they go by what they look good in or are they just throwing that to the winds and going with what feels good on. What is comfortable, cool, warm?? Some favorite look of their youth?

  • Anonymous

    The gray outfit is lovely with her gray hair. She looks like a Scandinavian fairy princess!

  • Her face is much more interesting now. I love the monocrome of greys and whites in her outfit. She has aged with grace and style.

  • Anonymous

    What a stunning beauty! Perfect styling, too. I certainly love to see a natural beauty here, too.

  • Conni Nørskov

    That magasine is two years younger than me; and that gorgeous woman is SO beautiful – still!! I'm speachless and filled with admiration and respect! 😉

  • Pure beauty!