Karen Walker X Advanced Style

I have been a long time fan of Karen Walker eye wear, so I was thrilled when she approached me to shoot her latest campaign with some of the Advanced Style ladies. I cast some of my favorite women and shot all the photos in their own homes. I am proud to present The Karen Walker Spring 2013 Forever Campaign starring Ilona Royce Smithkin, Joyce Carpati, Linda Rodin and Lynn Dell.

  • Mia Salituro

    Awesome! So enjoyed this photos! & I will definitely be sharing this post!
    : D

  • Absolutely stunning, every one!

  • such beautiful women. takes my breath away…

  • Loved it!! I am now addicted to your blog and check it out every day. I look forward to meeting all your ladies – and gentlemen.

  • I absolutely enjoyed all of these photos. I tried to see if I pick my favorite one but they're all so gorgeous, I couldn't choose!

  • OMG each woman and each picture is fabulous! I want evrey pair…

  • they look gorgeous! i loved the styling as well as the photos.


  • These are AMAZING shots, Ari!!!
    The funky glasses just set off these ladies beauty beautifully.

  • Stunning! I want new spectacles. Even more, I want to look like these ladies when I wear them!

  • these are SO very amazing! absolutely great shots, and stunning women 🙂

    come say hello MOCCASIN RUN

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous photos of wonderful women.

  • These ladies are all stunning, obviously, but my heart does an extra flutter for Linda – she is gorgeous and I adore her style.


  • Anonymous

    All I can say is WOW! I love them all!
    Cathy G

  • Marvelous women ….. food for thought .
    never too old to be stylish !
    We have a lot to cope with , we once "young "glamorous women … the transitions as we age are not easy to manage .
    This is a very useful reference point . Thanks … and love some of these specs…. Yes dark glasses an invaluable accesorie at any age !

  • Fabulous!




  • Never ends Beauty,
    where creativity blooms! Congratulations:) & regards.

  • Fabulous campaign, this is an amazing collaboration. Love your work.

  • I adore this post.. totally wonderful… and I want every pair of those glasses… I shall be linking back to you on the weekend Ari… thank you so much for the inspired shots… xv

  • Simply fabulous! The ladies are an inspiration to me and the glasses are divine! I applaud your marvelous work with these amazing women x

  • Brilliant! The women and the glasses!

  • They are just FABULOUS! <3 them all.

    Please tell me, will your documentary be release in Montreal eventualy, this year&?

    Thanks you for this blog, ma favorite. I already added your link on my own nail art blog 😉

  • Marcie

    I love KW glasses and how brilliant of her to have you shoot the ladies.

  • Rebecca

    These are stunning photos of some of my favorite Advanced Style women. The glasses rock!

  • Take my breath away! So stunning!

  • I adore your takes on each lady. Linda Rodin was my favorite though. That HAIR. Why do so many older women cut their hair? It's just a crime. YOu should explore that topic!

  • About time that growing older was something to look forward to, rather than botox away.
    Thank you Ari.

  • Such a great photo shoot ~ I especially love the 3rd one of Ilona.

  • Illona is so beautiful her spirit shines through all the additions.

  • Lynne97060

    Each foto more fabulous than the last. So nice, thanks!

  • fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    these are all fabulous!

    they flatter the eyewear beautifully!

    and i love all the accessories and hairstyles.

    you and your ladies have outdone yourselves!


  • Ari beyond words just so so fabulous am in with your pics captures so many emotions and character of these beautiful women the glasses are all amazing also xx Carla

  • Joie de Vivre Personified- love it!

  • What beautiful women and glasses. I would love to have such a grandmother/mother!

  • Wow, what an amazing idea for a website. I'm soooo tired of seeing 15 year old pre-pubescent girls wearing clothing I'm supposed to like, when I know it won't look anything close to the photograph on ME 🙂

    I'm only in my 40s but still love to see how gorgeous these older women look modelling. Gives me something to look forward to.

    Lovely photos and lovely models.

  • I love the light grey hair, especially the one with the braid. So pretty

  • Um – all please – mystery and fun.

  • Such beautiful women.

  • wooooooooooooooow !! amazing pictures kiss from Poland !!

  • WOW! She's amazing! And classy! Wow!!!

  • wow! She's so classy ! Amazing pictures, just loved them all!

  • Great idea to featured sunglasses on older women. Just curious, why not feature some women of color wearing the sunglasses?

  • Great idea to featured sunglasses on older women. Just curious, why not feature some women of color wearing the sunglasses?

  • Wow my new hero!! <3 <3

  • This post makes me smile. So fashionable and the sunglasses are awesome.