Linda Machado

I met Linda Machado at my book signing in Phoenix last month. Here is a beautiful email that she sent to me:

“Flamenco dance is a
powerful, passionate, improvisational art form that allows me to explore
my individuality, sharpen my creativity and keep in shape.  I started
dancing when I was 40 and never stopped.  Flamenco dance is great for
balance, coordination, bone density, muscle toning and cardio – things
we need to be concerned with as aging women.  Plus the costumes are
incredibly fun!
I may be a bit “young” at 62, I consider myself an “Advanced Style
Apprentice”, learning from those older than me and inspiring those my
age and younger.  And with mentors such as the Advanced Style Women and
heroes such as you, I am more excited about the next 40 years than I was
when I was younger! ”
  • She is wonderful and certainly an inspiration to this Advanced Style apprentice.

  • Yowzer!

  • I love that she started flamenco dancing at 40!

  • Just beautiful!

  • wonderful !!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog !!! A big Italian kiss !
    EIDesign Glamour

  • i LOVE her hat! she looks incredible for her age, and her style is so inspring.

  • just…..WOW !

  • Wow! When I read the subject of this post a part of my past flashed in front of me! I went to college with a Linda Machado and this woman looks like she could be the same one – albeit about 45 years later (I am also 62). Is she by any chance from Hilo, Hawaii? The college is University of Puget Sound in Washington state. It would be such a coincidence to connect with her this way!
    btw, my name then was Kay Lamb.

  • She is wonderful, and I so agree with her about flamenco.

  • Very nice, interesting letter! Especially the last sentence.

  • Chi

    That's one classy lady. I hope people realise that you don't have to wait till they are old to live. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so live each day as it's your last.

  • you're so sophisticated!! classy woman <3

  • A beautiful tribute.

  • What a stunning woman and one who loves dance! Bliss

  • jen

    Ari – your blog is kinda messed up. There are no entries below February 1st, and there and none of the links you usually have on the side and bottom of the blog. Think something happened…? Please fix it – I miss looking at ALL the entries, not just these last two. Thanks!

  • Beautiful! And I agree with her. Flamenco is beautiful and great exercize. Wish I could take it up again as well….

  • This woman does not look 62. Wow! I love her wonderful hat.

  • That hat! That cape!

    I am jealous.

  • I just wrote a blog post about Advance Style last week ~ I want to grow older with Style & Grace ~ Thank you for sharing….

  • She's stunning, and it's so cool that she studies Flamenco! I have taken classes in Flamenco dance, and everything she says about it is true.

  • I just hope I'll be that positive when I'm reaching her age. What a wonderful lady!

  • Ooooh this outfit really does ooze flamenco – feeling the restrained passion – so beautiful!

  • Evalyn

    Such lovely skin.

  • This is an incredible look and an incredible story! And whoa she does not look her age at all.

  • Anonymous

    Love the hat!!!
    Cathy G

  • Lovely incredible fashion!! Really like all stylish fashion.