Welcome to Sue Kreitzman’s Wild and Wonderfully Colorful World(VIDEO)

As promised here is a small video tour and some photos of Sue Kreitzman’s amazing home in London. For more on Sue and her incredible art work CLICK HERE. Please excuse the quality of the video, when I am on the go, I only have my little Flip camera with me.

  • Love it! just crazy!

  • Sue Kreitzman is wonderful, and so are you for bringing her to us so we can all rejoice in her art.
    Love you, dear friend.

  • OMG!!! this is style!!!
    xoxo from germany

  • I loved that place! So colorful and exotic!



  • She is awesomely inspiring! My day isn't even going to be the same after seeing this.

  • And I thought my house were filled to the brim with wonderful stuff! :))

    Sue is the most amazing person I ever had the privilege to meet.
    I love everything she creates and thanks to her I'm no longer afraid of aging because it goes to show you just getting better (and more colorful) with age.

    Viva la Sue! <3

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful! I love her. I have a friend in the NW very much like her.

  • Absolutely Fabulous!Adore her eye ware too!

  • I think I need to live with this woman. What a beautiful place to call home. She is just as beautiful inside and out!!!!!

  • BINGO…..I love this woman….I can relate to everything she says…does.

  • Amazing lady!

  • What an AWESOME woman! Love her use of color!!!

  • love it

  • Anonymous

    she makes me very happy, and makes me feel less alone in my love for similar things – the cast-offs of other ages, which i decorate.

    thank you for sharing!

    would love to be a WOW! i am definitely a WOW in training!


  • Rebecca

    What a wonderful video. Sue Krietzman's exuberant personality simply jumps off the screen. I find it amazing how she reinvented herself about 12 years ago from being a successful cookbook author.

  • Decorate it with glitter…WOOOHOOO!!! I want to meet her! :)) LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    Bless Sue and bless YOU!

  • This puts an S in statement necklace:)



  • Lynne97060

    I'm "speechless." Wow! If I could be tattooed all over I would be as brilliant as Sue's Colorful World and save dusting tsochtkes. Ari, you've outdone yourself. Sue, you're magnificent!

  • Love it, so cool!

  • very inspiring photos! love all the pics! xo

    Emma <3
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  • Oh no, I think I am in the box. Love your color.

  • I think I am in the box, but I love all your colors!

  • Ari, your photographs are spectacular. They capture the color-saturated world and art. The video is terrific because it lets us hear Sue tell us in her own words about her art and her life. Merci!
    Jean & Valerie

  • I went to the talk at the Royal Academy and she was one of the best speakers- she was funny and made me believe it was fun to be old. She also looks great in real life as well!

  • Wow, Sue's world really is wonderful!

  • i like it here!