Coach x Advanced Style: Generations of Style

When Coach approached me about working with them on a digital project, I immediately thought about how their classic bags have such a broad customer base. I have always been interested in the intersection between the fashion choices of the young and old and noticed that young girls often seem to take sartorial inspiration, whether conscious or not, from older women. With these thoughts in mind, Lina and I worked together to create a series of inter-generational conversations between the Advanced Style ladies and some of our favorite bloggers. Check out the videos above featuring: Susie Lau and Ilona Royce Smithkin, Nadia Sarwar and Linda Rodin, and Leandra Medine and Lynn Dell for some ageless style wisdom.

  • Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

  • Anonymous

    These are great. Your work is better all the time!

  • Wonderful to see these videos thank you Ari, the ladies are so vibrant and full of life and good advice to those lovely young women. What a pleasure it is to see your post come into my inbox each day, its one of the first things I read for the shear joy and inspiration it gives me to start the day!

  • This is just amazing! 🙂

  • The videos are amazing. I felt that Leandra was the one who could really get closer to the ladies cause she is a New Yorker and has this timeless approach to fashion.

    Happy Passover 🙂

  • Thanks for this Ari (and Ari's team). Beautifully done, and what inspiration for those of us who are not 20, nor 70, to see what we have to look forward to!

  • Loved these videos! Style can bring people of any age together x

  • I.AM.SPEECHLESS #ThatNeverHappens You are brilliant.

  • These were divine!

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    Ari you make my mornings each day when I check your blog. Thank you. I simply adore the women you feature.

  • Fab!!! Love them all.
    Bravo Coach!

  • Amazing blog,

    Kiss from Manual Fashion

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    Not. Nearly. LONG ENOUGH!

  • Intergenerational energy at its best. Congratulations Ari and Lina!

  • Your fashion blog is for people like us in the thirties and my mom who is in her sexy 60+..

    Thank u very much.Your blog really inspire us.

  • Samantha R

    Love all of these so much. I would love to see more of them.

  • Wonderful! Also wish that are a bit longer <3

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    I second the emotions! Wonderful women, wonderful videos, love your work!
    — Lucy

  • I absolutely love this what a great idea to intersect the style choices of both the young and old. When it comes down to it style is eternal!


  • Could we please have a whole documentary on this. Love!

  • wow nice fasion blog!

  • omg I want to watch these every day.

  • Fashionmista

    Love them all but especially Linda Rodin. She is sooo hipster.The
    sneakers, the leather,the sunnies.

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    how much FUN! love these!!!

    yes, we are alive and kicking! with style!


  • This brings back few memories! <3 Awesome post!

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    excellent a true recognition for you as ana artist!!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed these little videos. Well done to all involved!

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    Absolutely precious!!!