Ilona’s New Hat

Sorry for the absence over the last few days. I have been attending to some personal affairs and have some great new street style shots to share this week. I just got back into town and couldn’t wait to rush over to Ilona’s apartment to see what she has been up to. She wanted to show me her new hat and tell me all about Dita Von Teese’s show which she attended last week. Ilona wanted me to give a big kiss and to say hello to all the Advanced Style readers out there. She loves reading all the comments on her posts and appreciate all your love and support.

Ilona and Dita
  • She's so precious!

  • She looks fabulous in her new chapeau!!!

  • That hat should make everyone's day!

  • Ilona, we don't yet know one another, but I have been so inspired by beautiful YOU and by your LOVE of COLOR. You show me how fabulous and free I might become as I grow older. You have convinced me that COLOR needs to be right in the middle of life!

  • Thank-you Ari for bringing these lovely guys and gals, like Ilona and Debra, into the limelight where they fully belong. I have been following your blog for some time and got the chance this morning to nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award which I've just recieved myself. Your blog is so colourful, uplifting and inspiring I couldn't resist the opportunity to mention you, and wanted to thank-you for sharing.

  • Great hat. I remember when my hair was that color!

  • This is a great photo! It shows that a redhead CAN wear a red hat. Thanks for being a constant inspiration for my style.

  • I just love the eye lashes!!!

  • Everyone should have an Ilona in their life and now we do because of you!!! Of course to be with her in person would be the best but just having her photos and energy come across my screen is something to be thankful for. She is the positive role model we need up front and center instead of all the negative images that permeate our society. She is a breath of fresh air.

  • llona . i am your no 1 fan. i love your style . you always look amazing.
    i seen a little video of you on you tube. i listen to you if i need a little inspiration . love and kissses from ireland.

  • Pinky

    Ilona we want to hear your comments more often you make my day with your positive energy

  • Pinky

    Ilona you are sooo inspiring.
    Love your personality.

  • Libby

    She is so lovely! A big hug to her!!!

  • Anonymous

    sweet hat! i'd love to see it lined in hot pink or purple, too!

    and i love the shot with dita. both of you look so pretty!


  • I love it , looking gorgeous

  • Gorgeous photos…both of them!
    Ilona and Dita complement each other so well, don't they?
    Dear Ilona…it is an absolute honor to be able to see your beauty and art of living…
    You definitely inspire me on so many levels!
    Sending many blessings of love,
    – Irina
    And thank you Ari! 😉