Lexington Chic

Yesterday I was walking along Lexington Avenue when I spotted the chicest woman having lunch through a cafe window. I stood outside for around thirty minutes waiting for her to come out, all the while debating whether or not I should enter the restaurant. I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt her meal, but at the same time I thought about all the times I let amazing subjects pass me by without asking them if I could take their photographs. I gathered up the courage to enter the cafe and politely tell her that I noticed her from across the street. She was having lunch with her son and thankfully very much appreciated the compliment. Sheila told me that she was so glad that I came into the cafe and that it’s always important to grab opportunities when you have the chance.

  • So important to grab those moments. She is lovely!

  • She is a lovely lady. Thank you for what you do on your blog, Ari. There is much inspiration to be found in your wonderful pictures!

  • I absolutely love this look! It's a real statement.

  • She is fabulous, and I am so glad you went in search of her chicness.

  • Incredible look. I love it!

  • Classic chic! She looks fabulous, So glad that you chose to speak to her…this is a wonderful look and she is very attractive woman at any age!

  • This woman is uber stylish, love her outfit.

  • She looks fantastic!Love the bit of leopard.

  • She is very chic! I've had that internal debate before when I've spotted someone blog-worthy sitting in the window of a restaurant or coffee shop. In most cases I just go for it and usually they are flattered, just like this woman was.

  • Good job, Ari! Courage pays off!

  • Good job, Ari! Your courage paid off – she looks so cool!

  • Beaucoup de charme

  • Beaucup de charme !

  • Sheila rocking the print beret love her style! How happy are you that you seized the moment xx Carla

  • A very classy lady. I'm glad you got to ask her. Way to go. She's lovely.

  • Buna,

    Simpatic blog, nu poti spune ca nu-s frumoase : pantofiori, gentute, pantalonasi, bluzite – adevarate bijuterii. Atat de multe lucruri frumoase si la super preturi. Mare pacat ca promovarea pe internet se realizeaza foarte greu.

    Meritam mai mult!!!

    Te pupix dulce.

  • She's more beautiful that all the young 🙂

  • I'm so glad you did approach her what a great look and style she has

  • Wow, she is stunning–definitely the epitome of chic!

    And what an excellent lesson on seizing opportunities. I admit I am terrible about "going for it" and consequently missing out, so this is a great reminder that great rewards (like beautiful meetings and photos) can be the result of listening to your gut and showing a little bravery. 🙂

  • Wow she looks so badass chic! I wonder, do people ever react badly when you ask to photography them? Like I can imagine some people being annoyed about being interrupted over lunch…or finding it strange that a man has been watching them from outside for 30 minutes. I always wonder if people get offensive with street style bloggers approaching them?

  • Wow…she is not only gorgeous, but full of grace…

  • Once again proves that we are often scared without reason! Just say what you think or feel the worst that can Happen is that they say no and leave! Also she totally reminds me of the Sophie kinsella character in the Book Charleston Girl 😉

  • Very cool lady!