What Ali Wore

All Photos by Zoe Spawton via What Ali Wore

It’s not often that I come across sites as cool as Australian born, Berlin based photogrpaher Zoe Spawton’s  tumblr What Ali Wore. Zoe spotted 83-year-old Ali as he walked by her work in a sharp new outfit every morning. One day she decided to ask if she could take his photograph. Zoe explains in her first blog post, ” Ali walks past the cafe I work at in Berlin every morning at 9:05am. I’m
not sure where he is going, but we always say hello to each other. He
always wears such great clothes. I don’t speak much German and he speaks
a little bit of English, but I managed to ask if I could take his
photo. He gladly accepted. ” Zoe and Ali have since become friends and collaborators. If you are a fan of Advanced Style then you are going to love What Ali Wore. Check more great shots of Ali HERE.

  • wowser!!!

  • Marci

    So damn cool! Wow!!!

  • Absolutely fabulous! What a delightful man!

  • I just love your blog! All the pictures are great! Good job!

  • Quite the dapper gent even in his casual clothing!

    Art by Karena

  • I bet his shoes are custom made. He's wearing 4 different color shoes (black, brown, blue and grey) but the style in each is identical. He knows what he likes! I love that.

  • Peter

    Wow, he's such a well dressed man! 🙂

    Some more pictures are listed here: http://www.rap-n-blues.com/what-ali-wore-18-pictures/

  • He looks like a really interesting man. Delightful!

  • Anonymous

    Waouh !!!

  • Woof, woof…..isn't that so wonderful that he loves to look different everyday???? L.o.v.e. him!!

  • YES!! He is a GEM!!! A One In A Million……WHY??? If only more men dressed like this the world would be a great place. If only he lived in my neighborhood….If only I could meet him!!!

  • Amazing look.

    Kiss from Manual Fashion


  • your blog is great!!!

  • what's a fashionable man! I like him very much!!

  • Chi

    Wonderful… It's great to see stylish men. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    isn't he a handsome fellow? love his style and the way he poses! especially in the shot with the trenchcoat!


  • Hahah look old but feel young, when we will be old our life will reborn ^_^.

  • Ali has sharp style and a great attitude!

  • How cool is Ali?

    I hope I'm half as stylish as Ali when I'm his age.