Costanza Pascolato

The other day I ran into Vogue Brazil’s enchanting contributor, Constanza Pascolato, in front of the Plaza Hotel.  I have always admired her style and was thrilled to hear that she has been following Advanced Style from the very  beginning. She told me that it’s so important to show images of older women and revealed that she would never want to try and look younger than she is. At 73-years old Constanza is a true Advanced Style icon. I hope to travel to Brazil sometime soon and hear more about her refreshing attitude towards aging and style.

  • Constanza always looks fabulous – a trip to Brazil would be fantastic!

  • She is such a style setter; always fabulous!
    Art by Karena

  • She is beautiful and radiates such warmth.

  • she looks MARVELOUS 😀

  • Awesome!

  • wow!She's so elegant! I love this blog!

  • Inspiring.

  • Constanza Pascolato is an icon of elegance and fine living, learned to grow old with dignity, beauty and finesse. Congratulations to your blog that recognized the importance of this example of a woman.

  • I just love Costanza!
    she's so fabulous.
    Aged with dignity and beauty.

  • Is she really 73 years old? Wow, what a gorgeous woman at this age. Constanza is really an inspiration to a lot of women. Love how she dresses up, she's very classy and glamorous. If ever you get a chance to learn more about her secrets or tips, please do share it with us. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • Interestingly I think the older generation often do show the younger generation how to look stylish.

    There is an interesting use of fashion elements that may be old or new, but because they are coordinated cleverly the style is – ummm – hard to find the right word, maybe elegant, sartorial or svelte maybe.

  • Beautiful 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love her! She is so beautiful and elegant!
    Greetings from brazil,

  • Anonymous

    Love so much. She inspires for women of all ages .