Life Imitating Art

When I was young I would spend hours with my grandmother watching old movies and drawing pictures of fancy older ladies. When I moved to New York, I saw my childhood drawings come to life on the city streets. The women I photograph are a reflection of everything my grandmother taught me about life and style. A few days ago I photographed this striking lady in the East Village. Isn’t she a wonderful inspiration for a new drawing?!!!

  • You've got a great eye, Ari. She is gorgeous. I'm actually a painter, in my studio at the moment getting ready to continue a figurative piece I'm working on. Wish my reference had all those wonderful shapes, colors and personality. A bit of Modigliani in there.

  • Her hat is great- I love that there's even a little pin in it at the front. It's details like that which show these women really know how to dress themselves. x

  • yes she certainly is…a very strong face and all that bright blue with purple

  • I met a friend of yours while in San Francisco this weekend. I can't remember his name (I feel terrible b/c I spent all dinner chatting with him) But I mentioned I was a blogger and he mentioned the blog Advanced Style and knowing you. I yelled, I love that blog! I don't think I've ever commented, but I just want to say I love this blog. I love that you take something that isn't supposed to be beautiful and make it breathetaking. Kudos

  • She would be a wonderful subject for a drawing because of the strong shapes and colour! This photo would look amazing as a painting as well.

  • This woman in blue is a masterpiece! She is beautiful, an angel. I would love to know more about her. Thank you Ari!

  • A very sophisticated lady and wearing my favorite jewel tones!

    Art by Karena

  • Woww..amazing really I like it thanks my friend.

  • She's gorgeous! I'm totally triggered to paint her, now!

  • Artikel i like it

  • Yes she's so amazing, and that hat! Incredible!

  • Lynne97060

    Once again you've brought me the pop of color I needed to brighten my day — her cobalt deserves kudos.

  • She looks incredible! So striking!

  • Yes…I, too, saw Modigliani….GORGEOUS!

  • Anonymous

    what an intriguing face she has! you can't stop looking at it. and i love her use of color and shape.