Vintage Perfection

This dapper fellow gets my vote for the best dressed man at this year’s Easter Parade.  I have seen him around town a few times, always dressed to the nines in vintage. I’m not quite sure that he is old enough for Advanced Style, but I just had share this incredible look.

  • AMEN to that, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    Perfection indeed.

  • Absolutely fabulous, especially that rabbit head cane!

  • DAPPER is definitely the word…and who says that clothes don't make the man 🙂

  • WOW, talk about dapper!

  • he dresses like this all the time??? wow!

  • Is it John Galliano's Dad?

  • Okay, this photo just made my day!!! I love men who wear white and/or cream colors. I have never seen a man dressed this well EVER!!! I dont know why but somehonw a well dressed man outshines a well dressed woman…IMO!!!!!!

  • This is not an outfit to the Easter Parade, this is an outfit to all the time!

  • Indeed very dapper!

  • He looks like an extra from Gigi! Marvellous x

  • love the gloves #WerkIT

  • I don't know about old enough, but awesome enough? Yes, defitenely!

  • Sigh. If only men dressed like this today!

  • He is FABULOUS!!!!!

  • The dapper gent's name is Gregory. He rocks the vintage look like nobody's business. Check out the rabbit head on the top of his cane! He's one of our favorites.
    Jean & Valerie


  • Hi Ari,
    A friend forwarded your blog posting to me and I was delighted to see your kind words and sentiments (that's me in today's photo). It's nice to hear that "classic Easter Parade" is still appreciated. Each year, it seems, fewer and fewer folks dress in the traditional "high style" that was what the whole parade was about from its inception in the 1880's. The "nabobs" would parade up and down Fifth Avenue after leaving Easter morning services and show off their finery. No judgment here–there's room for all styles at the parade–but it can be a bit dismaying to see this tradition increasingly watered down and seeing classic fashion sort of left in the lurch. It's always heartwarming to have people (most of them, in the "Advanced" category) thank me for keeping the tradition of classic, vintage dress represented on Easter (and beyond). And it was especially nice to see your taking notice, too…as well as your lovely commenters. Er…for the record, to the commenter who suggested I may be John Galliano's father…I looked it up..and he's actually older than I am…but no offense taken. If you want to put me in the "Advanced" category….I'll take it! So, again, thanks, and I look forward to following your blog…and especially to seeing your documentary. It looks to be fantastic! Best of luck to you! And feel free (anyone) to friend me on Facebook. I'm a singer/bandleader here in NYC and am always looking for new friends…especially stylish ones like yourselves!
    Best always,
    Gregory Moore

  • Love it. More men should dress like that.

  • Wow! He is certanly amazing!

  • Pure Sartorial Splendor!

  • He looks like a man I'd love to know. I love his rabbit cane!

  • What a beautiful man. Also, he has the style I most admire. I hope you can feature more of him. Smiles, June

  • re twitter: I miss Mimi Weddell. She was someone truly original, such a creator, so stunning, so beautiful. So admirable. So sorry for your loss Ari.

  • I didn't see this elegant gentleman over on Fifth Avenue on Easter, but did take lots of photos of other stylish and imaginative folks that I've included in my blog.

    I also saw Bill Cunningham, but he was too busy for me to try to photograph.

    Don't you wish it had been warmer on Sunday?

  • An absolute Head Turner and Breathe Taker! :))

  • I lovely this, it's wonderful

  • Oh Wow…I mean, just WOW! Can you get his number for me 😉

  • Oh…my gosh! This guy looks amazing!!!! Now that is the perfect Easter Suit! Kudos to this man for taking style to the top level.


    and when I'm in NYC I will definitely call in. Smiles from June in Australia/UK/California.

  • Lynne97060

    That creamy scarf makes my eyes water. Thanks for sharing!

  • From another world … but not lost in translation!