Work Clothes

When I approached the woman above about taking her photograph she replied, ” Sure you can. I’m a painter, a muralist, and I work in these overalls.”

  • Love her attire for painting! She is strutting her stuff, literally.

    Art by Karena

  • When she looks that good wearing paint splattered overalls, how good must she look in her other clothes?

    For the good of humanity, I don't wear overalls, but this proves some can wear them with style!

  • very artistic outfit 🙂

  • Wow! Great look *.*

    Shadow Of Style

  • She is stunning. I love her outfit. What an inspirational and a brilliant way to showcase her art! I would love to know some more about her and her art.

  • What confidence! I would love to see her paintings…

  • hotcha!!! I been wanting some overalls…she looks fab in her whole ensemble!


  • Love her confidence. I would love to see her murals too.

  • special clothes! thanks for share!

  • I like it! You go girl.

  • Anonymous

    How wonderful she is!
    I like the way she wears. proud of her work. proud of herself.

  • Love the outfit and the post. Keep it coming I am loving it.

  • I love how the paint on her clothes seem like it was done for style.

  • Such a beautiful woman!!!

  • Quite literally — clothing as art! Fab.
    Jean & Valerie

  • Wow she couldn't look cooler even if she tried

  • I think its safe to say that this lady can give tutorials in Swagger 101, Lord knows I'd pay for them…

  • Anonymous

    GO, Janet!