Beauty At Any Age

When I asked this striking woman if I could take her photo, she replied, “People sometimes stop me and ask for my photograph. I guess they think I look pretty good for an old lady.” She looks stunning for a woman of any age!!!

  • Indeed she does! She radiates beauty and vitality!

  • Anonymous

    She certainly does look terrific! What a great smile, too (those teeth!!). A wonderful example of "older" that we can all aspire to. 🙂

  • Smart lady, I wonder how old she is?

  • Great photo! Love her handbag ! Designer fashion
    at its best.

    Queen Bee

  • Nice Smile


  • Anonymous

    Very well said Ari. She must turn heads wherever she goes.

  • Great! 🙂 Greetings. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love the bag! Which designer designed that?

  • She looks beautiful as a woman. Period. No need to qualify based on age.

  • She looks great for her age! I only hope I can look as good some day! 🙂

  • A natural beauty that exudes confidence!

  • I would like be great at my old age like them:*

  • So cool !!!
    I love it
    xx Jules

  • She is hot for ANY age!! Stunning.

  • Yes.. age has nothing to do with her being stunning!

  • I love her style; the crisp white shirt, black jacket and matching skirt and bag. Lovely smile, great hair. Beautiful.